Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tear-Jerker of the Day

Wow! When sorting through my mail a minute ago, I came across an unusual brown envelope, which I nearly discarded, believing it to be junk. Thank goodness I didn't, because it turned out to be a lovely thank-you letter from a British soldier, which I am reprinting here:

Dear Daria,

May I begin by commenting on the admiration I have for you and the way you take an active role in supporting your troops. If only our nation would follow suit.

You may be wondering how I got your address. Don't worry, I am not a weirdo stalker; fortunately some of your forces appreciate the lack of support that us British troops have and share some of the goods that they receive through the pro-troop organization, Move America Forward. Your address is on the rear of some of the supplies.

My apologies if I was not your intended target; however some of your contribution was shared with me by an American soldier. If it's any consolation, it was very well received. I promise to assist in looking after all of America's sons and daughters that I come into contact with in return.

Once again, thank you very much; a gesture like you have shown lifts the morale of so many. Long may you continue to support your troops and occasionally raise the spirits of your poor cousins, the British (joke). You are truly an angel on the shoulders of the soldiers you support.

I am withholding his name in the interest of privacy, but in case he finds this blog and reads this post, I want him to know how very much I appreciate his self-sacrificing efforts (and those of all the British military) in fighting side-by-side with America's bravest in this existential war against radical Islamic terrorism.

A few months ago, Melanie Morgan and Michelle Malkin hosted a web-a-thon for the US Military, with the goal of raising $500,000 worth of care packages, to be shipped to Iraq and Afghanistan. It was the first event of its kind, was incredibly well-done and ended up raising over $1 million for this worthy cause. Since I'd just gotten a nice tax refund, I was able to spend a little more than I usually do on a charitable donation, at least in one sitting. It was my pleasure to counteract all of the negativity that often surrounds our enlisted men and women, whether from Hollywood, NBC News or The New York Times -- I only wish I could do more. (In fact, I have to check in with Soldiers Angels this week to see if Water Signs has been officially accepted for the January book-of-the-month).

I didn't think I could possibly feel any more pride for our troops, but whoever the unnamed American soldier is who graciously shared the contents of his care package with his British ally has proven me wrong. God bless you, Sir!

If only the British citizenry would demonstrate the same compassion. And to the writer of this letter, thank you so much for your service; I am thrilled to know that my small token of appreciation was passed on to such a deserving recipient. You are all in my prayers. Stay safe!

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