Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Running with Sarah

Although I am a power-walker and not a runner, I just love the fact that Governor Palin is such an intense athlete and driven competitor. She proves that women can be smart, accomplished, beautiful, funny, fit, self-reliant and happy -- no matter how relentless the attacks of media scumbags and treacherous political operatives -- even after giving birth to five children.

Go Sarah! You are truly a truly a role-model for young girls, a woman who is not only an excellent governor, mother and leader but someone whose amazing resilience and happy warrior persona are qualities all of us should emulate.

The Republican Temple

I will be co-hosting this evening's broadcast with Stephen Rhodes. Our guest is actor/director, former US Army Ranger, and host of ESPN's Grateful Nation, Tim Abell. Join us at 9 p.m. EST for a great show!

Senator McCain, where is your sense of honor?

You'd think Senator McCain would at least come to Governor Palin's defense simply out of sheer gratitude for saving him from a humiliating landslide defeat last November, if not out of any genuine personal regard (although it's hard to imagine disliking someone as likeable as Sarah Palin). I mean, we all suspect the Maverick would've been much happier with Senator Joe Lieberman as his running-mate, but that would've further alienated that pesky base whose votes he desperately needed.

When are you ever going to learn Senator that Democrat-Lite does not win elections? And if you didn't get it back then, haven't the preponderance of nationwide Tea Parties -- several of which are coming up on Independence Day -- given you a clue?

Politics aside, however, what is going to take to get you to defend an honorable, accomplished woman who did nothing but praise your service to your country, extol your (dubious) qualifications and generate palpable excitement on the campaign trail? Let's face it: until Sarah Palin came along, you were the invisible man in 2008. And there was no other VP choice that was going to remedy that dire situation.

You've had one opportunity after another to prove that you still have a sense of honor, but you've punted everytime. And now today, Bill Kristol reports in his Weekly Standard post Liberal Media and GOP Hacks vs. Palin, that it was Steve Schmidt who started the "post-partum depression" lie about the governor. Are you going to let Vanity Fair's hit job stand? Or will you do the honorable thing?
Regardless of your decision, what a fitting display of justice it would be if the Supreme Court finally overturns this piece of garbage legislation you've saddled us with!
UPDATE: Well, well, well. From Conservatives4Palin I've learned that some Romney aides are also involved in these despicable smears. Hey Mitt? Like Governor Palin said herself on Matt Lauer's and Wolf Blitzer's programs, no one is "entitled" to the Republican nomination in 2012. And these vile attacks only make you look like even more of an elitist. Thanks for giving me yet another reason to regret my Primary vote in 2008!
On the bright side, two McCain operatives have come out in defense of Palin. Follow the link for the full story.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy 52nd Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Well, it seems like just yesterday were partying to the sounds of live music and savoring excellent food and drink in the company of family and friends at Drexelbrook, in honor of Mom and Dad's 50th milestone anniversary. And now here we are, already two years out from that festive occasion!

It is not an easy feat, especially in the modern world, to raise five children (including one with special needs); manage a household; excute a brilliant surgical career (along with the stresses of life and death situations, and unfair lawsuits); navigate through some tricky financial times (especially the stagflation years of the 70s with college tuitions looming ahead); suffer the pain of loss (as beloved parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins transitioned into the next life); and nurture a strong marriage. Yet somehow my parents managed to do it all exceptionally well.
And in spite of the difficulties, one of the many things I appreciate most is that they guarded the innocence of childhood with a vengeance: my mom and dad never let the burdens of everyday life interfere with their ability to appreciate and enjoy the time spent with their offspring. It was their belief that children grew up fast enough; therefore they should be permitted to relish their pre-adult lives free from the grown-up problems they'd inevitably face with the passage of time.
And whether it involved summer BBQs by the pool surrounded by relatives and friends; festive Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas characterized by good food, company and fun; Eagles and Phillies games witnessed at the Vet or viewed in the comfort of our rec room; summer vacations at the Jersey Shore; or even just lively conversation around the dinner table, I will always be grateful to have been born into a close, loving family. Sure, we had our ups and downs like all other human beings that comprise a family unit (heck, we still do sometimes) but my parents steadfastly and unfailingly provided the things that really matter -- genuine loyalty, devotion, love and affection.

Even if I'd grown up in row-home, as both my parents did, instead of the sprawling French colonial we lived in on Martins Run, I'd still consider myself a child of privilege. I've never had to experience the pain of divorce as a little girl or adolescent, thanks to a spouse's wandering eye or proclivity to violence. Nor have I had to endure the shame of verbal, physical or sexual abuse, or the scourge of alcoholism.
Growing up, I didn't quite appreciate these blessings as fully as I should have. Now as an adult and product of a traditional upbringing who can't help but feel a profound sense of sadness at contemporary society's skyrocketing divorce rate and acceptance of behavior we'd once considered shameful, I've come to realize just how fortunate I am to call Rose and Al DiGiovanni my parents.

Congratulations Mom and Dad, God bless you and thanks for memories! xoxo

Photoshopping Trig: the Left's Latest Descent into Depravity

After eight years of the Bush presidency and the 2008 election campaign, I am not quite sure why anything the left says or does surprises me. From the abhorrent film Assassination of a President (made while George W. Bush was still in office and presiding over two very difficult war fronts) to David Letterman's "slutty flight attendant" slurs against the Governor of Alaska, I should know by now that the when it comes to destroying their political opponents, nothing is sacred to these people.

Not even an innocent baby. Not even an innocent baby who happens to have Down syndrome.

Last week, I came across this nauseating item while perusing one of my favorite blogs, Gateway Pundit. The fact that it was posted by a Democratic party operative speaks volumes about the character (or lack thereof) of today's Donkeys, for whom Palin Derangement Syndrome is apparently an incurable affliction. The self-proclaimed champions of "choice" sure are angry with Sarah Palin for going with the "life" option, thus the superimposition of the face of pro-life talk radio host Eddie Burke on baby Trig's body. As commenter Tom W. explains:

"He (Eddie Burke) once called pro-choice women 'baby killing maggots', so his face was put on Trig's body because -- as a leftist told me -- it's the face of one person who should've been aborted put on the body of another person who should've been aborted."


Makes me wonder if registered Democrat voters (the Reagan-Democrat types) are finally rethinking their party affiliation. Because it is bad enough when a left-leaning media goes full assault on the handicapped, but when such vile behavior is actually sanctioned by party operatives, that's another matter altogether. Of course I'd be remiss if I didn't make the (admittedly overstated) point that had this been a Republican party operative distorting the face of a Democrat politician's Down syndrome baby -- well, we could all rest-assured that every media outlet from The New York Times to CNN would be screaming "Fascist!" That is, assuming hypothetical Democrat politician had actually allowed the child to live in spite of his "imperfection."

No matter, in the eyes of the media, a Democrat official or candidate would've been lauded as "courageous" either way -- whether they'd chosen to terminate the pregnancy or give birth. Sarah Palin on the other hand, is not given the same latitude because as an avowed pro-lifer who not only walks the walk but does so with genuine love and affection for her youngest child, she is a formidable threat to the unfettered abortion crowd.

Which brings me to today's sickening examples of Palin Derangement Syndrome, courtesy of Legal Insurrection. Seems Wonkette, the same vile blog that surmised last year that Trig must've wished he'd been aborted, just couldn't resist jumping on the disgraceful Photoshop Trig bandwagon, all the while blaming his mother for their deplorable behavior. In their mini-minds, by actually bringing her youngest child (along with the rest of her family) onstage immediately following her memorable speech at the RNC last year, Governor Palin somehow declared him "fair game," in spite of the fact that the Obama children and Biden grandchildren were "trotted out" in similar fashion on the campaign trail.

Speaking of prominent Democrats, where are the Kennedy's? As the founders of Special Olympics, why aren't they outraged? And if they are indeed sickened by these grotesque displays, why aren't they vocal about it? Surely this transcends politics, much in the same way Ted Kennedy's brain tumor did. In response to that tragic news, the majority of right-wing bloggers -- none of whom presumably agree with Teddy on pretty much anything -- responded with words to the effect of "While I don't agree with his politics, I will surely keep him and his family in my prayers." Doesn't Trig Palin deserve the same respect, even if his mother is a conservative Republican?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

BlogTalkRadio Share Show Widget

South Florida Conservative Republican Forum

I am very excited to announce that my co-host Steven Rosenblum (founder of the BTR show South Florida Conservative Republican Forum) and I will be interviewing conservative author, journalist, blogger and FOX News contributor, S.E. Cupp this evening. Among other things, we will discuss S.E.'s book Why You're Wrong About The Right, co-authored with Brett Joshpe. Hope you can log on tonight at 6 p.m. EST!

Sanford Must Go

Governor Sanford, once a rising star in the Republican party, in my opinion must resign immediately. His atrocious conduct involving an affair with a woman in Argentina qualifies him for the exit door. He hurt his wife and children and for this he must pay a price, and that price is his governorship. The argument that private conduct has no bearing on public service should be dead and buried with the Clinton Administration. As a conservative, I cannot grant him a pass simply because we share the same political philosophy. I supported the resignation of President Clinton and I suppor the resignation of Governor Sanford. No hypocrisy here.

However, hypocrcisy has once again reared its ugly head in the dinosaur media. The dinosaurs are salivating because there is blood in the water and a conservative politician is the victim. Their hypocritical analysis is that such condcut is worse for Republicans who run on family values, and not so bad for Democrats who celebrate deviant behavior. Thus they scream that Sanford must go because he supports morality,while behaving immorally. Therefore in their minds the Governor is a hypocrite.

Our government controlled friends are sadly mistaken however. Sanford is a hypocrite because he took a vow before God and to a lesser extent the state in which he was married, and he violated that vow. The dinosaurs will never understand this and I don't expect them to, but that is the reason the Governor should dig out his golf clubs and quitely slink off to Hilton Head.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Fathers Day and Birthday, Dad!

I originally wrote the following tribute in 1999, when my dad was honored by the Sons of Italy, Central Delco Lodge, for his years of service, including Past President.

My father has always been an inspiration to me. From humble beginnings in Germantown (Philadelphia) as the son of immigrant parents who had unlimited love, but limited resources, he held fast to his dream of becoming a physician. The obstacles confronting this dream were formidable, my father's intelligence and academic record notwithstanding: the reluctance to accept children of Italian immigrants into universities and medical schools, and the difficulties of balancing necessary jobs with study time, to name a few. Facing as a 19 year-old medical student one of his greatest challenges -- the untimely and tragic loss of his mother -- only strengthened my dad's resolve to stubbornly pursue his vision.

He ultimately achieved his goal -- along with a few others. He became a successful general and vascular surgeon, respected by his colleagues and admired by his patients. He married and brought five children into the world. He provided a beautiful, stable home where family and friends were always welcome. Over the years, he saved more than one life in the operating room and dedicated himself to the grueling and sometimes thankless life of a surgeon. Yet even these are not his greatest accomplishments.

As a little girl, I recall the emergency telephone calls in the middle of the night, the stress of unfair lawsuits and the daily pressures of life in the medical profession. But what I remember most is the way my dad conducted (and still conducts) his life. No matter the hour or the rigors of the day's cases, he always came through the front door whistling. He never failed to ask each of us about our daily adventures at school, and would listen to our responses with great interest. Tired or not, he was always willing to roll up his sleeves to play ball with my brothers or scoop up my sister and me in his arms (we were, after all, his "little ladies"). Determined that all of his children would have access to a higher education without the struggles he endured, my dad worked hard every day of his life to make that happen. It was his belief that progress meant eliminating as many obstacles as possible for the next generation, not making them feel guilty for the ones he faced years before. Most importantly, the gift of education was also one of equal opportunity: it was there for his girls as well as his boys. And he took genuine pride in the accomplishments of his children.

My dad's positive outlook on life, his dedication to his work and family, his openness to trying new things and his discipline in tackling every life challenge that comes along are continuous sources of inspiration, not only for me, but for everyone who knows him. These qualities stem from a heart that is founded upon real interest, concern and love for those around him. I will always be grateful for the gift of my father, and for the privilege of being his daughter.

May God bless you Dad on your birthday, Fathers Day, and always! xoxox

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cyberspace and the Single (Conservative) Girl

I posted this in full yesterday at The Republican Temple, where I am also a contributor. Blog creator Stephen Rhodes broadcasts on Blog Talk Radio Monday-Friday at 9 p.m., and I tag along for the ride every Tuesday evening. Steve always hosts interesting guests, including political figures and entertainers, always from a conservative point of view. Be sure to check it out!

For some reason, Blogger is not allowing me to copy and paste, so go here to read the entire piece, which traces the origins of the sorry state of our current culture (hint: the Baby Boomers have something to do with it), particularly as it pertains to the dating scene.

Dr. Al on The Neidner Show

Dad and I appeared on The Neidner Show yesterday to discuss the state of our culture and the perils of socialized medicine. As always, Jim and Sharon were gracious hosts, and the conversation was enlightening and informative. Check out their You Tube page here.

Dr. Al will be (ahem!) making the rounds on other shows as well, including Red State Town Hall with Premo Mondone, which I co-host the first and third Saturdays of the month at 10 p.m.; the South Florida Conservative Republican Forum, where my friend Steve Rosenblum and I broadcast every Saturday from 6-7 p.m.; and The Black Sphere, hosted by my friend Kevin Jackson whose new book The Big Black Lie, I helped to edit. Kevin is currently on a speaking tour to promote his excellent autobiographical journey to conservatism, which is definitely a must-read!

Monday, June 8, 2009

'Cuda Goes on Offense on Hannity Tonight

I think I speak for all of us here at Palin Drone when I say I am absolutely thrilled to see Sarah unleashed, attacking Obama and his policies, freed from the constraints of the McCain campaign. Her speech over the weekend in Auburn was just spectacular, and I am looking forward to more of the same from her tonight on Hannity at 9 p.m. EST.

Dr. Al on Socialized Medicine

Last week I had the privilege of hosting our dad, Dr. A.J. DiGiovanni on The Republican Temple, along with the show's creator and regular host, Stephen Rhodes. Among other things, I learned that my conservative father was once a (yikes!) bleeding-heart liberal who supported the first attempted government intrusion into healthcare, the Foran Bill, which ultimately failed to pass.

Dad shared a lot about his "conversion" to conservatism, brought on by Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, whose impassioned speech, A Time to Choose, helped to bring about his change of attitude, which had its roots in some basic research he'd done into the Foran Bill while still a college student, in preparation for a debate in which he was to extol its virtues.

Dr. Al offered an excellent overview on the history of government encroachment into private healthcare, which has set the stage for the Obama Admininstration's forceful attempt to write a very bad prescription for America in the form nationalized medicine. I thought I'd already realized how bad it would be until spending a few hours with my father on the topic. Now I am even more passionate about stopping this horrendous forthcoming legislation, which as I understand is also endorsed by some Beltway Republicans. Is there any doubt it is high time to toss out the incumbents of both parties?

Listen to the entire interview here. I've also written a piece about it for Smart Girl Nation, and will post the link when it goes live.
UPDATE: It's live! Many thanks to Dawn for posting it for me....you're the best! :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Of Murder and the Media

The dinosaur/state run media has gone apoplectic over the murder of abortion Doctor, George Tiller. While this murder, committed by a crazed lunatic with mental illness was horrible, you'd have thought the world lost a saint given the news coverage. Predictably, not only was Tiller praised as a heroic practitioner of the healing arts, the pro- life movement and conservatives in general were blamed for the murder. What was their crime? Having the audacity to exercise their First Amendment rights to speak out on a major issue of the day in a free society. Not a peep about how Tiller was only one of a handful of physicians performing late term abortions, and not early and mid-term abortions. Nor was any mention made of the fact that Tiller has killed 60,000 babies and has been the subject of criminal charges.

Contrast that with the lack of coverage given to the murder of Pvt. William Long by a crazed native born convert to Islam, who recently trained in a terrorist camp in Yemen. An American soldier killed on American soil on a Monday and no word from the Commander-in- Chief for several days, and that was only because of the outcry on conservative talk radio. I guess it's time for the Fairness Doctrine to shut this group up.

Tiller was killed on a Sunday and the White House issued a glowing statement within 24 hours. Why? Because it's all about protecting the sacred sacrament of abortion and destroying the pro-life movement. Why no coverage of Pvt. Long? He's nothing but a killer in the eyes of liberals, who is doing the dirty work for a colonial power which consumes too much of the world's resources and exploits Muslims. That's the message that blares 24/7 from the dinosaur media. In their eyes the life of an American soldier like the life of an American baby, is worth nothing.

There a few things in play here. Obama is the most pro - abortion President in history and obviously had no problem with what Tiller was doing, gruesome as it was. Thus, the dinosaur media in support of their messiah went into all- out attack mode against the pro-life movement. In addition, with the President's big Middle East speech on the horizon, the White House made sure that there would be no news stories that could even be remotely considered as painting Islam in a negative light.

What is also interesting is to hear the warped mantra of how the conservative media and the pro-life movement incited Tiller's killer to act, yet apparently no such thing occurred with respect to Pvt. Long's killer. With vile anti - American media outlets like NBC and its cable affiliates constantly America - bashing, isn't it possible that they struck a nerve in the young Islamic convert who murdered Pvt. Long in cold blood?

What is clear from these events is that the deaths of these men were not the only tragedy we witnessed this past week. There was a third death which in its own way is even more tragic to our society as a whole, and that is the death of a free press in America. We are now beyond media bias. The dinosaur media is now censoring the news in order to control public opinion. It's scary to think that way, but if you close your eyes you'd think you were back in the old Soviet Union.

What is equally clear is the profound importance of alternative media, particularly talk radio, Fox News, and the blogosphere. If not for them, the murder of Pvt. Long may have been completely covered up. At this point, they are all that stand between a free America and socialism. It was the newly born conservative media led by Rush Limbaugh which led us through the dark days of 1993 and 1994. Let's hope they can duplicate the feat again now. The future of the country depends on it.