Thursday, June 4, 2009

Of Murder and the Media

The dinosaur/state run media has gone apoplectic over the murder of abortion Doctor, George Tiller. While this murder, committed by a crazed lunatic with mental illness was horrible, you'd have thought the world lost a saint given the news coverage. Predictably, not only was Tiller praised as a heroic practitioner of the healing arts, the pro- life movement and conservatives in general were blamed for the murder. What was their crime? Having the audacity to exercise their First Amendment rights to speak out on a major issue of the day in a free society. Not a peep about how Tiller was only one of a handful of physicians performing late term abortions, and not early and mid-term abortions. Nor was any mention made of the fact that Tiller has killed 60,000 babies and has been the subject of criminal charges.

Contrast that with the lack of coverage given to the murder of Pvt. William Long by a crazed native born convert to Islam, who recently trained in a terrorist camp in Yemen. An American soldier killed on American soil on a Monday and no word from the Commander-in- Chief for several days, and that was only because of the outcry on conservative talk radio. I guess it's time for the Fairness Doctrine to shut this group up.

Tiller was killed on a Sunday and the White House issued a glowing statement within 24 hours. Why? Because it's all about protecting the sacred sacrament of abortion and destroying the pro-life movement. Why no coverage of Pvt. Long? He's nothing but a killer in the eyes of liberals, who is doing the dirty work for a colonial power which consumes too much of the world's resources and exploits Muslims. That's the message that blares 24/7 from the dinosaur media. In their eyes the life of an American soldier like the life of an American baby, is worth nothing.

There a few things in play here. Obama is the most pro - abortion President in history and obviously had no problem with what Tiller was doing, gruesome as it was. Thus, the dinosaur media in support of their messiah went into all- out attack mode against the pro-life movement. In addition, with the President's big Middle East speech on the horizon, the White House made sure that there would be no news stories that could even be remotely considered as painting Islam in a negative light.

What is also interesting is to hear the warped mantra of how the conservative media and the pro-life movement incited Tiller's killer to act, yet apparently no such thing occurred with respect to Pvt. Long's killer. With vile anti - American media outlets like NBC and its cable affiliates constantly America - bashing, isn't it possible that they struck a nerve in the young Islamic convert who murdered Pvt. Long in cold blood?

What is clear from these events is that the deaths of these men were not the only tragedy we witnessed this past week. There was a third death which in its own way is even more tragic to our society as a whole, and that is the death of a free press in America. We are now beyond media bias. The dinosaur media is now censoring the news in order to control public opinion. It's scary to think that way, but if you close your eyes you'd think you were back in the old Soviet Union.

What is equally clear is the profound importance of alternative media, particularly talk radio, Fox News, and the blogosphere. If not for them, the murder of Pvt. Long may have been completely covered up. At this point, they are all that stand between a free America and socialism. It was the newly born conservative media led by Rush Limbaugh which led us through the dark days of 1993 and 1994. Let's hope they can duplicate the feat again now. The future of the country depends on it.

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