Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Senator McCain, where is your sense of honor?

You'd think Senator McCain would at least come to Governor Palin's defense simply out of sheer gratitude for saving him from a humiliating landslide defeat last November, if not out of any genuine personal regard (although it's hard to imagine disliking someone as likeable as Sarah Palin). I mean, we all suspect the Maverick would've been much happier with Senator Joe Lieberman as his running-mate, but that would've further alienated that pesky base whose votes he desperately needed.

When are you ever going to learn Senator that Democrat-Lite does not win elections? And if you didn't get it back then, haven't the preponderance of nationwide Tea Parties -- several of which are coming up on Independence Day -- given you a clue?

Politics aside, however, what is going to take to get you to defend an honorable, accomplished woman who did nothing but praise your service to your country, extol your (dubious) qualifications and generate palpable excitement on the campaign trail? Let's face it: until Sarah Palin came along, you were the invisible man in 2008. And there was no other VP choice that was going to remedy that dire situation.

You've had one opportunity after another to prove that you still have a sense of honor, but you've punted everytime. And now today, Bill Kristol reports in his Weekly Standard post Liberal Media and GOP Hacks vs. Palin, that it was Steve Schmidt who started the "post-partum depression" lie about the governor. Are you going to let Vanity Fair's hit job stand? Or will you do the honorable thing?
Regardless of your decision, what a fitting display of justice it would be if the Supreme Court finally overturns this piece of garbage legislation you've saddled us with!
UPDATE: Well, well, well. From Conservatives4Palin I've learned that some Romney aides are also involved in these despicable smears. Hey Mitt? Like Governor Palin said herself on Matt Lauer's and Wolf Blitzer's programs, no one is "entitled" to the Republican nomination in 2012. And these vile attacks only make you look like even more of an elitist. Thanks for giving me yet another reason to regret my Primary vote in 2008!
On the bright side, two McCain operatives have come out in defense of Palin. Follow the link for the full story.

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