Monday, June 8, 2009

Dr. Al on Socialized Medicine

Last week I had the privilege of hosting our dad, Dr. A.J. DiGiovanni on The Republican Temple, along with the show's creator and regular host, Stephen Rhodes. Among other things, I learned that my conservative father was once a (yikes!) bleeding-heart liberal who supported the first attempted government intrusion into healthcare, the Foran Bill, which ultimately failed to pass.

Dad shared a lot about his "conversion" to conservatism, brought on by Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, whose impassioned speech, A Time to Choose, helped to bring about his change of attitude, which had its roots in some basic research he'd done into the Foran Bill while still a college student, in preparation for a debate in which he was to extol its virtues.

Dr. Al offered an excellent overview on the history of government encroachment into private healthcare, which has set the stage for the Obama Admininstration's forceful attempt to write a very bad prescription for America in the form nationalized medicine. I thought I'd already realized how bad it would be until spending a few hours with my father on the topic. Now I am even more passionate about stopping this horrendous forthcoming legislation, which as I understand is also endorsed by some Beltway Republicans. Is there any doubt it is high time to toss out the incumbents of both parties?

Listen to the entire interview here. I've also written a piece about it for Smart Girl Nation, and will post the link when it goes live.
UPDATE: It's live! Many thanks to Dawn for posting it for're the best! :)

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