Friday, October 31, 2008

Fight, Fight, Fight

In these last three days, it is imperative that McCain - Palin supporters remain positive and keep working. Call your friends, hand out literature, and proudly display lawn signs and campaign buttons. Most importantly, get out and vote. Don't believe the polls which are manipulated by the dinosaur media. The polls are designed to discourage you and depress the Republican vote.

One only need to look at the Obama campaign to know that the polls are wrong. If Obama has such big leads in Pennsylvania and Iowa, why is the campaign still spending considerable time and money there. It's simple. The campaign's internal polls are telling them that they are in real danger of losing these states.

The important thing is that we as Americans fight for our country in these final hours. Americans have never given up. Let's not do so now. The future of our children depends on it.

It's the "Change" Stupid

The more Barack Obama is exposed, the higher Jon McCain rises in the polls. Today Obama made the incredible statement that we are only four days away from his fundamentally transforming America. What the "Messiah" doesn't seem to understand is that Americans don't want to fundamentally transform our country.

This man fails to understand that America is the change that the entire world is craving. Before the American revolution, the world was full of monarchies and dictatorships. In most countries then and now, you are born into a certain class and can never really escape. That is why you never hear of the " German dream" or the "Russian dream" for example.

The genius of America was its empowerment of the individual. For the first time, the concept of a government serving people instead of people serving government was established. In America membership in a group meant nothing, in direct contrast to Europe with its social caste system. Here it didn't matter who your father was or how much money he had. If you had a dream you were free to pursue it, to the fullest extent of your ability. Best of all these rights are fully protected in the greatest man - made document ever written, the United State Constitution.

Thus America represented then and still does today, fundamental and transformational change from the rest of the world. Why in the world Senator Obama, would we ever want to change back. The rest of the world knows better, that is why we are the only country in the history of the world who has to build walls to keep people out, rather than building them to prevent people from escaping.

These people who risk life and limb to come here Senator, believe something that you obviously don't. Namely, that America is the greatest country in the history of civilization. Take it from me Senator. I suggest you study up on American history so you can get your facts straight. You might also find it very enlightening. Oh and by the way Senator, keep the "change".

Phillies Parade

I attended the Phillies World Series Parade celebration today and it was aweome. There must have been 2 million people there. I tokk my 10 year old son and his two friends and we met up with my sister and twon nephews. A great time was had by all.

We ended up sitting in Lincoln Financial Field, the Eagles football stadium. The primary celebration took place in Citizens Bank Park, but there was also a great ceremony at the Linc. Charley Manual entered in a car bearing the World Series trophy, followed by all of the players on foot. Charley, Shane Victorino and hometown boy Jamie Moyer addressed the crowd, which was all dressed in red.

I must confess that I got a little teary - eyed when I saw the world championship trophy as it reminded me of Aunt Em. RIP Em - we finally did it !!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Media Bias is Officially Over

Be honest, when you saw the title to this piece you either thought this guy has gone crazy or we've returned to the roots of American journalism and we once again have an objective press. Sorry fellow citizens, neither of the foregoing is true. Ok maybe the crazy part has some truth to it.

Seriously, media bias is over. Unfortunately, the reason it is over as so astutely analyzed by Rush Limbaugh, is that the dinosaur media is no longer satisfied with being biased. It wasn't enough for them. Now they have moved right on to media censorship, just like in the old Soviet Union. The dinosaurs now decide what is newsworthy and what isn't.

It is downright scary. Don't believe me. Let's take a look at some of the election coverage over the last few weeks. The dinosaurs decided the following stories were big news: Sarah Palin's wardrobe, Sarah Palin's hair, mean spirited voters at McCain - Palin campaign events, and every facet of Joe the Plumber's personal life. On the other hand the following stories were not newsworthy: Obama's relationship with radical terrorist William Ayers, Obama's socialist "spread the wealth" economic plan, Obama's definition of rich going from $250,000 to $150,000 and dropping everyday, the tape of Obama's dinner with Palestinian terrorists and Bill Ayers, and Obama's interview comparing the USA to Nazi Germany.

Hey we're only electing the leader of the Free World, why nitpick. Let's face it, character and associations don't matter especially when compared to shopping at Saks. In these last few days, John McCain needs to sound the alarm of media censorhsip in the same way that Paul Revere warned of the British invasion. By rousing the colonists from their warm beds to the cold battlefield, Paul Revere helped save the nation. By rousing voters and alerting them to media censorship John McCain can do the same.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It doesn't happen often, so we enjoy it when it does!


That's all of 'em, but tonight, it feels oh so good!


They had me a little nervous when they didn't score any insurance runs in the 8th inning, but the Phillies have won the World Series!!!!

Besides the sheer awesomeness of the occasion for dedicated Philadelphia fans, there is the election factor: for those who are unaware, the last time the Phils won the World Series was in 1980 (8-0), an event that preceded President Reagan's landslide victory. So now that the 2008 (0-8) Phils have done it again (finally!), can a McCain-Palin victory on Tuesday be in sight?

Let us hope and pray it is so!

Our Country Deserves Better PAC Pokes Fun at Obama's Foreign Policy Naivete

From a great organization comes another excellent ad:

I especially love the line about Fidel's beard! :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Price of Obama's Socialism

It is quite apparent that we do not have the money to pay for Barack Obama's Socialist spending orgy. We know he will raise taxes significantly which will lead to economic disaster. However, he will also need to cut spending somewhere and we all know how he will do that. He will quite simply gut the military and leave us vulnerable to a terrorist or other enemy attack. This I believe is the reason that Biden made the statement, that Obama will be tested. He will be tested because he will have weakened America by decimating the military.

Here's another dirty little secret that Obama's not telling you about. In addition to spreading the wealth through socialist tax policy, he as "The One" is going to right all past societal wrongs. The biggest past wrong of course is slavery, never mind that white Christians ended slavery and that it still goes on today in Africa and in some Muslim countries.

We all know how Obama will make good on slavery, don't we. You guessed it, reparations. Mark my words if Obama is elected with a liberal super - majority, he will introduce a reparations bill and the left-wing Congress will pass it. Throw in the fact that he will open the borders to illegal immigrants and give them Social Security benefits, welfare, and health care and you have a recipe for disaster.

Wake up America. Our children's future hangs in the balance.

McCain Ad -- "Tiny"

John McCain hits hard on Obama's woeful unpreparedness (or is it unwillingness?) to confront evil with strength and resolve. This ad brilliantly dismantles the "messiah's" description of Iran as a "tiny" country in an appearance this past May.

Wake up, America! It's not too late to save our country and the free world from this radical, out-of-touch leftist!

Redneck Woman

Just came across this little gem on Michelle Malkin's site and thought it was only fitting to repost my altered lyrics to Gretchen Wilson's anthem to middle American women.

Sarah Palin for VP? Hell, yeah!

Here's my version of this awesome song in honor of the 2008 Election:

Redstate Woman
by Daria DiGiovanni

Well I ain't never
Been the Steinem type
No I can't swig that sour Kool-Aid
I'd rather drink in the truth all night
In a small town or a shooting range
Or on at an NFL tailgate
I've got posters on my wall of Thatcher, Reagan and Newt
Liberal gals look down on me
But I don't give a rip
I'll give birth to as many kids as I see fit

Cause I'm a redstate woman
And I ain't no metropolitan broad
I'm just a product of good values
And I say "God bless America"
And I’m proud of my country all year long
And I know all the words to every patriotic song
So here's to all my sisters out there puttin’ their country first
Let me get a big "USA!” from the redstate girls like me

Hope and Change Well that fluffy talk is real nice
And I could’ve bought into the victimhood the Dems have been sellin’ for a price
And gaze vapidly
Just as vapidly As those Obamabots on TV
No I don't need no Chicago messiah to make my life complete
You might think I'm racist
To reject the Obama bore
But in my neck of the woods
It's just common sense, no more
Hey I'm redstate woman
And I ain't no metropolitan broad
I'm just a product of good values
And I say "God bless America”
And I’m proud of my country all year long
And I know all the words to every patriotic song
So here's to all my sisters out there puttin’ their country first
Let me get a big "USA!” from the redstate girls like me

Monday, October 27, 2008

Can we call him a socialist now?

How much more proof are Americans going to need? This man is a dangerous radical who does not belong anywhere near the White House!

I posted this particular video because it includes analysis from a cogent thinker who breaks it all down for those who just can't wrap their minds around what an Obama administration would mean for America (hint: complete disaster).

If you want your hard-earned "wealth" spread around to those who just want to sit on their front porch and collect welfare; if you want a weakened foreign policy that will leave the USA and the free world vulnerable to the evil dictators and terrorists; if you'd like to see our courageous United States Military gutted and ill-equipped to protect us from irreparable harm; and if you think the excessive goverment regulations that got us into this financial mess can only be solved by even more government regulation, by all means vote Obama.

Then kiss America as you've known it goodbye.

Watch the entire thing. It's well worth the time.

UPDATE: For those who prefer to listen to Obama espouse socialism uninterrupted, here's another video. This man has very little regard for our Constitution, as you will note. Incredibly frightening!

Dean Barnett, RIP

Wow, it is with deep sadness that I link to this tragic news from Bill Kristol. Dean Barnett, one of the best conservative thinkers in the blogosphere, has passed away. Please keep Dean and his family in your prayers.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I have cancelled my subscription...

to The Atlantic.

Here is the message I sent to customer service:

I have been a fan since I was introduced to The Atlantic as a college student by an old friend. I started subscribing around 1985, the year I graduated college, and continued my subscription through medical school, training, marriage, and four kids. Perhaps there might have been lapses in renewals in the interim; I'm not sure. Regardless, for almost all of the past 23 years, I have been a subscriber.

Today, I have affirmatively decided that I will no longer subscribe to your once-fine magazine. If you wish to know why, then you need only go to the blog of Andrew Sullivan and view the horrific video "Red, White, and MILF". Sullivan has been trying my patience, but out of deference to my long-standing admiration of the magazine, I decided many times to ignore him and try to pay attention to Megan McArdle, Ross Douthat, and others. With this video, Sullivan has crossed a line which makes my practice of ignoring him no longer tenable. For The Atlantic to have given him this perch from which to spew this vile nonsense is something for which I can no longer give the magazine a pass. And so, with regret, and fond memories of the zenith this magazine reached under the editorship of the late great Michael Kelly, I am bailing out on you at your nadir.

It's a sad day for me, but a far sadder one for American journalism. Please cancel my subscription.

If you want a link to the offending post, find it yourself. Sullivan doesn't merit a link from me.

Blogging Time Out

I hadn't blogged in a while until the previous entry. It wasn't some premeditated thing, it just sort of happened. Lots of good stuff that was blog-worthy will be handled in a manner reminiscent of Jennifer Rubin's frequent "Flotsam and Jetsam" posts in a bit. In the meanwhile, it's been sports saturation, with decidedly mixed results.

Thursday night was the low point: I attended the Predators game, watching them play extremely well for the better part of two periods, building a 3-0 lead on the Calgary Flames while out-hustling, out-hitting, and out-shooting them. A second period goal by the Flames made the margin 3-1, and two quick goals early in the third tied the game and deflated the Preds, who played on their heels throughout the final frame. The go-ahead goal for the Flames (scored by Mike Cammalleri, my first pick in this year's fantasy draft - I had already retained such worthies as Ovechkin and Nabokov) and an empty-netter (to complete a hat trick by Jerome Iginla) later and it was a 5-3 loss for the home team.

During the game, the monitors in the arena did not have the World Series on! I was dumbfounded. Surely out of the scores of monitors around the concourse, they could tune in a few to the Series? So instead of watching, it was follow-along-on-the-Internet, and the news wasn't good: 2-0 Rays, 3-0 Rays, 4-0 Rays. On the way home in the car, the Phils cut it to 4-1 and should have had the tying run at the plate after Jimmie Rollins was hit by a pitch. However, that wasn't called, and they could manage only one more run in the 9th to take the 4-2 loss.

Good friend Bruce Marshall arrived Friday night, and we went to see Father Ryan take on MBA. Not unexpectedly, MBA pounded this year's not-so-good FRHS side, 45-0. Even a blatant face mask committed by MBA wasn't called - not that it would have mattered one iota in terms of outcome, but as an example of officials not being on the level, that one was hard to stomach.

The bad sporting news wasn't over yet! Saturday afternoon, after watching an enjoyable karate session by the two youngest boys, we headed up to Nashville to take in the Vanderbilt-Duke game. Vandy had a surprising 5-0 start to this season, including a win over Auburn with ESPN's College Game Day on campus, generating a lot of excitement over a possible bowl appearance by the Commodores. A sixth win would make Vandy bowl-eligible! Then they went to Mississippi State and lost a winnable game. They next went to Georgia and lost a game they weren't expected to win, playing a decent if not great game. But the Duke game was the one that was supposed to right the 'Dores' ship. Fellow VU alumnus and friend Dan Gray (in town for his 30 year reunion) joined Bruce and me. Inept execution on offense, some lapses (not lining up on defense, allowing Duke to run a quick count and throw to an uncovered receiver and gain 30 gift yards, for example), one great play for the home team (a 75+ yard TD throw and catch), three missed field goals, and a game-ending INT at the 1 yard line... and a loss, 10-7. Vandy knows how to rip the hearts out of its fans - maybe that's why the cardiac transplant center is so skilled!

We needed to change our sports momentum, and so we trudged back downtown to watch the Predators and Kings. Now Dom was added to the mix. Bruce and I sat in the All-Inclusive Zone, with monitors aplenty - and they were willing to tune in the World Series! Bama-UT on some screens, Penn State-Ohio State on others, and the Preds game on most of the rest. Of course, the Series was in a rain delay, so even though the monitors could be tuned in to the game, it didn't matter. Now the creepy part: the Preds play extremely well out of the gate, dominating shots on goal, building a 3-0 lead, and chasing the opposition goalie. And then the Kings score a goal, and then another. It's 3-2. A 17-4 SOG advantage is now a 20-21 disadvantage. Thursday night's Flames fiasco appeared to be playing out again in front of us. But then... a goal from an unexpected source, defensive forward extraordinaire Jerrod Smithson. And again, a goal from a minor offensive contributor, the Fightin' Inuit Jordin Tootoo. A 5-2 lead and everything seemed back to normal. Except that the Predators inexplicably kept turning over the puck in the neutral zone, and it was 5-3, and then, with 1:04 to go, 5-4. A tense final 64 seconds passed without a goal, and we could finally savor a victory. At last, one of my teams won a game!

Checking on the Series, it was 1-0 Phils, then 2-1 Phils by the time I got to the car. We had to play a game of who goes where, with Dan joining me in my car and Bruce joining Dom in his. I drove Dan back toward Vandy to get his car, and then we drove back to Father Ryan where Bruce's rental had been left (confusing? You betcha!). So now we had 4 cars and 4 drivers, and we were all set to drive back to Brentwood, where our out of town visitors would spend a night in a hotel, and Dom and I could head home to watch the end of the Series. Of course, this being the South, there was college football all over the radio dial. What wasn't there? The World Series!

So I tuned in 1210AM, and listened through the static as best I could to the incomparable Harry Kalas and the still-grating Chris Wheeler. Dom told me that I had to pick up his twin sister across town - aargh! I had a Series to watch at home! Fortunately, Emmy called me before I left the Ryan parking lot to tell me that she was getting a ride to a friend's house that was actually on the way home - thank goodness! So Emmy joined me in the static and occasional play-by-play that emanated from the radio. It was still 2-1 when we got home.

On the couch, with Luca resting his head on my leg and Emmy sitting astride my other leg, I told Luca before the very pitch to Utley when it happened: "Home run". The pitch, the swing, the homer! Luca was duly impressed. I wasn't feeling nearly so bold when Ryan Howard stepped in, but he followed with a bomb too. 4-1 and feeling good. Then a blown call on a beautiful play by Jamie Moyer and Ryan Howard led to 2 runs that otherwise would not have scored, and I was beginning to get the Ghost of Phillies Past vibe, 1977 division ("Steve Garvey has yet to touch home plate at Veterans Stadium" to quote the late great John Facenda). Tampa ties the game in the top of the 8th and I am getting verrrry nervous. But then something un-Philly-like happens in the bottom of the 9th. Eric Bruntlett, a utility guy who has punched well above his weight in this Series, gets hit by a pitch (now I am thinking Ghost of Phillies past, Pete Rose - 1980 World Series division). I am peeved that they have Victorino up to bunt, and his first attempt is a failure. The second one nearly hits him, he does a jig to avoid getting hit, and Bruntlett breaks for second. Of course, the ball bounces straight back from the back stop to Dioner Navarro, the Rays' catcher, and I am thinking that we are cursed. But Navarro's throw is off line and skips in to center, and smart, aggressive base running by Bruntlett gets him to third. Two intentional walks later, and I am telling my kids: the pitcher has thrown 9 straight balls - do NOT swing until he throws a strike!

Ball one high. Oh yeah! Ball two high - oops! Ruiz swings at it and fouls it off - idiot! The count goes to 1-2 and I am thinking that a strikeout is unavoidable, followed by an inning-ending, soul-crushing double play. He fouls off a pitch (a ball, but he has to protect the plate, so that's okay). He lets ball two pass high and away. And then he swings at an inside pitch, rolling a swinging bunt toward third. Longoria has to make a choice: let it roll and hope it goes foul, or try to force Bruntlett, steaming toward home plate. He tries to make the play, but with Bruntlett between him and the catcher, he has to throw it over the runner's head - which was also over the catcher's head. Bruntlett scores, Phils win! The possibility that they won't have to return to Florida and capture the title at home remains alive.

Before the game I was thinking: the Phils had never won a World Series Game 3. In 1915 and 1983, they won Game 1 and then dropped 4 in a row. In 1950, they were swept 4 straight. In 1980, they dropped Games 3 and 4 in Kansas City. In 1993, they lost Game 3 at home and then the infamous 15-14 loss in Game 4 followed. So that means that they would also be breaking new ground should they win tonight, as they have never won a Game 4 either. Go Phils - bring home the title, and set up the bookend '80 and '08 victories, and GOP wins in presidential elections shortly thereafter!

Today should be a little more mellow, owing to the late finish time of last night's game, and the relatively low importance of today's Eagles game. It's about time for kickoff, but I suspect that they won't be showing the Birds here. Just as well - I will save the agita for tonight. I predict a high-scoring affair tonight, with the Phils prevailing 11-6. Not that you would want to put any money on one of my predictions!

Barbara West, Journalist

Sad that a journalist simply doing her job is so newsworthy:

Biden in full condescension mode ("I don't know who's writing your questions" - surprised he didn't end with "Little Girl"), being asked tough questions by a local news anchor, reveals yet again why this country should not elect him and his socialist running mate.

Prediction: Barbara West is tomorrow night's "Patriot" on O'Reilly.

Shameless Self-Promotion of the Day

Actually, since Doc Paul, Mark and the rest of the family haven't seen me in a while, it's more like preventing them from going into shock when we do meet in person!

Long story short, I decided to try Nutri System after struggling the last few years to lose some weight. Several years prior to that, I'd been very successful on my own (sticking to lean protein, veggies, etc), and had even managed to keep it off until I reached a certain -- ahem -- age: then suddenly everything that used to be effective stopped working for me. Very frustrating!

But when it got to the point where most of the clothes (some still sporting the tags) in my closet didn't fit, it was either buy a new wardrobe or do something different. I started NS on August 15 and have lost 15 pounds so far that I am aware of (one of my secrets of success is to avoid the scale as much as possible). However, I am fairly certain that number is higher because dresses that used to be too tight are now very loose. Even a pair of unforgiving navy sailor pants, which are very form-fitting in my worst problem areas, are looking good on me now.

I only wish I'd thought of doing this before having professional photos taken for my book, but oh well!
Sorry for the political digression, but even a junkie like me needs to give it a rest after a while and refocus on the good things in life. Anyway, about the above photos: the one on the left was taken in June of this year, and the one on the right, just last week at the home of a very dear friend in Boca Raton. She and another close friend are hosting a book celebration for me in a few weeks, so I will post some pictures from that in the near future (I am praying it will also be a McCain-Palin victory party).

Hey, if anybody needs an excellent mover, check out their site! They do national and international moves, so it doesn't matter where you live.

Go Eags, go Phillies and go McCain-Palin!

Battle of the Birds

As I used to say as a kid, Let's go Eags!

Could Philly fans be in for a double victory today? Let us hope so, though with the election connection to the Phillies, if one of them has to lose -- well -- there are worse things than being in the basement of the NFC East!

UPDATE: Eagles and Phillies win!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Comic Relief: Philly Edition

Geez, they gotta make you sweat it out 'til the end! No rest for election-weary Philadelphia sports fans, the Phils seem determined to keep this game close (as if the rain delay wasn't bad enough...sheesh!). Anyway, I just came across this hilarious video clip from the greatest mascot in sports. Maybe it's just 'cause I am really tired right now, but this made me laugh out loud!

UPDATE: Phils win!

Hey Peggy, We're All Equal

I am infuriated by Peggy Noonan and other so-called conservatives who have harshly criticized Sarah Palin and embraced Obama solely based on his oratorical skills. These elitist conservatives care more about Manhattan and DC cocktail parties than they do about the country. In other words, it more important to them that the country be run by elitists just like them even if those elected are ultra - liberal.

In their "highly intelligent" minds, elitism trumps everything and Obama and the elitist conservatives are therefore "equal". What Peggy and her ilk are saying is that common folk are beneath them. The concept being that as long as the country is run by elites, it doesn't matter what party those elites come from. In the elitist view, that is infinitely better than having a middle class person in the White House. Better that an elitist ruin the country, than a middle class person save it.

Dennis Prager commented on this kind of flawed rationale on his radio show yesterday. He was making the point about how all that the Left cares about is "equality". It does not matter what that so-called "equality" leads to. For example it is better to have everybody poor than to have rich, middle class, and poor, because in the former situation at least everyone is equal. An even better example of this mentality was also cited by Prager yesterday. He opined that the Left loves points to out that there is no illiteracy in Cuba, and that everyone can read. However it does not bother the Left one iota that people in Cuba are not free to read whatever they want.

So it goes with Peggy and these "conservative" cowards. As long as the country is run by their elitist equals, the rest of us be damned.

The New York "Crimes"

This once great newspaper has been reduced to garbage and is about to be dumped on the scrap heap of history. It was recently announced that its stock has plummeted over 50% and its financial status is that of "junk". Gee, what a surprise especially considering two front page stories it recently ran about Sarah Palin. One had to do with the cost of her wardrobe for the campaign, and the other had to do with the cost of her hairstylist. Very serious issues. Even Hillary Clinton expressed disbelief that this is how a female candidate is covered in 2008. I guess you haven't come a long way baby, especially if you're conservative.

So, so long New York Times. On your way to the bottom of the heap, say hello and good riddance to the Tass News Agency for me.

Fantastic New Ads from Let Freedom Ring

This first one targets Obama's empty rhetoric aimed at the middle class. For anyone who may not already know (seems like common sense to me, but y'all know what they say about "common" sense), when big corporations are regressively taxed, as will definitely be the case under an Obama administration, jobs go away -- whether overseas or permanently -- thus hurting -- wait for it! -- middle class employees! Why this concept is so difficult for some Americans to comprehend is still a mystery to me, but hopefully this ad will help enlighten them. I especially love the question posed to Senator Obama at the end:

And for the race-obsessed, instead of issues-obsessed voter, this ad clarifies Martin Luther King's real dream, which has been thoroughly distorted by grievance-mongers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, whose livelihood depends upon the fomentation of irrational anger and hatred within the black community:

If you're able, please make a donation to Let Freedom Ring, so they can keep producing these effective ads.

Friday, October 24, 2008

PA Prediction

You heard it here first. John McCain will win Pennsylvania. Let me say it again. John McCain will win Pennsylvania. For all of you Liberals out there, this is very bad news. SO bad that you better all start buying your air line tickets to France. Because once McCain wins Pennsylvania, he wins the election. It's that simple. They don't call us the Keystone state for nothing.

Poll Fraud

Stand strong McCain - Palin supporters. We are in the home stretch and we now must go into warp drive. Don't believe what you hear in the dinosaur media, especially when they tout the so - called poll "results". I truly believe that these poll numbers that they cite are inaccurate, and that they purposely do that to suppress Republican turnout.

These polls almost always involve an over - sampling of Democrats. As an example, I am a political junkie and have been very involved over the years suporting candidates and working on campaigns. I have even held local elective office. Not once, have I ever been polled. Never. It makes you wonder who does get polled.

The bottom line is this. Whenever you hear the results of a poll, it often inflates the number of the Democratic candidate by three percentage points and depresses the number of the Republican candidate by the same amount. Thus, the way I see it thie election is too close to call.

With so much at stake, now is not the team for defeatism. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. Make calls, talk to your friends, hand out literature and most importantly get out and vote.

Somehow this Kinks Classic Just Seems Appropriate

And for all of the European elites longing for a President Obama, be very careful what you wish for!

Don't say you haven't been warned.

Friday Funnies: "Messiah" Edition

From Poor James and the Swamp comes, Obama, No Merci Beaucoup. Enjoy!

Thanks again, Gateway Pundit! :)

El Rushbo on Media Bias, Polls, Economics and Radicals

"It's a sitting duck!" Rush states correctly, regarding the Fannie and Freddie Democrat-created crisis (set in motion by Jimmuh Cahter in 1977), and McCain's reluctance to consistently to call them out on it. Rush speaks for all of us frustrated conservatives who say, Enough with the Wall St. greed, Senator McCain -- stay on message and keep telling the truth!

May God save us all from "bipartisanship."

Jeri Thompson on Hannity and Colmes

It's always a pleasure to watch a strong woman (or man, for that matter) smack down the liberal tool, Alan Colmes! Jeri promotes her Team Sarah effort and elucidates left-wing hypocrisy for those who may have been living under a rock for most of the campaign season.

Some Straight Talk from Fred!

Income Redistribution Explained

For anyone who doesn't already know what socialism means, this email -- which has been making the rounds for at least a few days -- breaks it all down into very simple terms. I first heard about it while listening to the Schnitt show on the radio the other day. I have no idea who the original author is, but he or she ought to be commended:

Today on my way to lunch I passed a homeless guy with a sign the read 'Vote Obama, I need the money.'

Once in the restaurant I noticed my server had on a 'Obama 08' pin on her shirt.When the bill came I decided not to tip the server and explained to her that I was putting into practice the Obama redistribution of wealth concept. She stood there in disbelief while I told her that I was going to redistribute her tip to someone who I deemed more in need--the homeless guy outside. The server angrily stormed from my sight.

I went outside, gave the homeless guy $10 and told him to thank the server inside as I decided he could use the money more. The homeless guy was grateful. At the end of my rather unscientific redistribution experiment I realized the homeless guy was grateful for the money he did not earn, but the server was pretty angry that I gave away the money she had worked to earn even though the actual recipient needed the money more. I guess redistribution of wealth is an easier thing to swallow in concept than in practical application.

There is still time to get the point across to those you come in contact with, otherwise we will all have to live the way the server does!

Ladies and gentlemen, let us all work as hard as we possibly can to ensure that this horrible fate does not befall America! As one of my commenters so eloquently put it recently:

Obama + Democrat controlled Congress = RIP USA

And they are coming after our 401(k)s next!

To quote my brother Mark, quoting Chevy Chase (whom my brother rightly suggests should simply take over the persona of Ty Webb and discard his own far-left one) "This isn't Russia, is this Russia, Danny?"

There's still time to avert this impending disaster -- please, volunteer, donate, talk to people, write a blog, stuff envelopes -- whatever you can do to get McCain-Palin elected and keep our country safe and free. And then maybe finally we can eject the hippies out of politics and policy once and for all!

Cuda on "Rhetorical Flourishes"

She's fantastic, as always.

In an international crisis we don't need "smooth talk that glosses over the question; we need straight talk that answers it."

Smart People for McCain-Palin

I heard Laura discuss this on the radio yesterday and thought it was an excellent idea! Here's her video:

Hmm, I think there may be a few smart people writing and reading this blog! You can go to Laura's page on You Tube to post a video response, and if you'd like, leave a comment here as well. Let's show the elites on the Left and the Right what it truly means to be an intelligent, informed citizen!

My name is Daria DiGiovanni. I have a B.A. in English from Villanova University. I am an author, content writer, editor and blogger, and I support McCain-Palin!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Boot Murtha, Pennsylvania Rednecks!

Or are you really racists? If this poll is accurate, it looks like Ol' ABSCAM Jack will finally receive his just comeuppance, courtesy of his own stupidity and arrogance. Of course, he also has a formidable opponent in GOP challenger and Lt. Col. (ret) William Russell, a man who has inspired grass-roots conservative activism on behalf of his campaign and the people of western Pennsylvania, who clearly deserve much more honorable representation than what they've been getting all these years.

As I told Doc Paul on the phone earlier today, should Russell win, it would be fabulous to see him give his acceptance speech surrounded by the Haditha Marines that Murtha breathlessly declared guilty on national television, before any of them had even gotten a fair trial. Thus far, seven of the eight have been exonerated, yet no public apology from the porky, treacherous incumbent congressman has been forthcoming. Since I don't expect one from this despicable human being, the next best thing besides a stunning defeat to Russell would be forcing him to watch Russell and the Marines celebrate the upset together.

And as Michelle notes, if this poll is any indication, victory for McCain-Palin in PA is definitely within reach. Let's go, my home state!

More Hope, Change and Tolerance

You know, I have to laugh when I hear people say things like "Golly gee, both sides are so out-of-control in this election," as if there's even close to an equal amount of violent crime being waged by both McCain and Obama supporters. Actually, I defy anyone to present me with factual evidence of any right-of-center individual committing such foul crimes as vandalizing a US Senator's home, attacking an innocent woman exercising her right to free speech, or daring to obstruct a VP candidate's motorcade -- all in the name of their preferred candidate.

While the lamestream media ignores the multitude of violent episodes of Leftist rage, the despicable intimidation tactics continue unabetted. Folks, if this latest incident out of Pittsburgh doesn't scare the hell out of you, or at the very least, make you angry, I just don't know what will:

A 20-year-old woman who was robbed at an ATM in Bloomfield was also maimed by her attacker, police said.

Pittsburgh police spokeswoman Diane Richard tells Channel 4 Action News that the victim was robbed at knifepoint on Wednesday night outside of a Citizens Bank near Liberty Avenue and Pearl Street just before 9 p.m.

Richard said the robber took $60 from the woman, then became angry when he saw a McCain bumper sticker on the victim's car. The attacker then punched and kicked the victim, before using the knife to scratch the letter "B" into her face, Richard said.

Richard said the woman refused medical treatment after the assault, which happened outside the view of the bank's surveillance cameras.

The robber is described as a dark-skinned black man, 6 feet 4 inches tall, 200 pounds with a medium build, short black hair and brown eyes. The man was wearing dark colored jeans, a black undershirt and black shoes.

These aforementioned outrages are simply a few of the horrendous acts of the Obama-maniacs. If showing support for Obama's opposition and pointing out the many flaws of his candidacy and far-left ideology can elicit such responses now, can you imagine what it'll be like if he -- God forbid --ends up in the White House?

Every criticism you utter will at best brand you a racist and at worst, result in physical harm and/or jailing. Is this the kind of America you want? Do you really want a Chicago bully politician living on Pennsylvania Avenue?

And any Obama supporters who may be reading this: I dare you to send me accurate examples of any comparable act of aggression committed against an Obama campaign worker, volunteer or voter by a McCain-Palin enthusiast. Good luck with that!

And to outside observers operating under the misguided notion that "both sides are equally as bad," if these stories aren't enough to change your mind, I am planning to write a post outlining every reprehensible act the dinosaur media has deemed unfit for coverage.

Wake up, America!

UPDATE: It's a hoax. This young woman needs some serious help.

"I am Joe the Plumber"

Just a fantastic ad by the McCain team...enjoy!

Newt Gingrich on the "Elite" Media

I am continually impressed by the fairness of Greta Van Susteren, who represents the best of classical liberalism. Last night while I was sleeping (sorry, Phils!), she interviewed Newt Gingrich on his thoughts about the reprehensible media attacks on Governor Palin. Newt, as usual, was sharp as a tack, pointing out the obvious vis-a-vis Joe Biden's glaring gaffes and lies, and the media's lack of interest in pursuing them in favor of sliming Sarah.

Newt also mentions that to the best of his knowledge, not one of the lamestreams has even bothered to ask Governor Palin about the $1,300 she gave back to each Alaskan family, after demanding competition from big oil. Funny, Dems love to castigate the "Grand Oil Party," yet when it comes to publicizing a Republican governor's successful campaign to root out corruption and collusion between big oil companies and politicians from her own party, not one question from dinosaur media.

Much more important to worry about how much her suits cost -- garments that will be auctioned off for charity once the campaign is over. Did anyone ask how much Barack pays for his suits?

Simply breathtaking! Wake up, America!

H/T: Gateway Pundit

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Go Phils! Win Game 1, 3-2

It wasn't easy watching - my stomach was in knots. But the pitching of Hamels, Madson, and Lidge was a thing of beauty. And given the weak at-bats by the likes of Rollins and Howard, and the large number of runners left on base, they needed the pitching to carry them.

Jayson Stark made the point today that the team with the long lay-off is at a distinct disadvantage in the World Series. The Phillies best hope was that they would get a great pitching performance to steal a win in game one. They did, and the pressure on the Rays in game 2 will mount. If Brett Myers can give us anything close to what Hamels did tonight, it'll be 2-0 and heading home.

This is What a Patriot Looks Like

This video is making the rounds around the blogosphere and for good reason. In our current instant gratification culture, it's easy to forget what true sacrifice and love of country really entails. Few of us will ever be called upon to endure such a trial, and none of the McCain supporters I know have ever stated that his POW experience qualifies him to be president.

It does, however, speak volumes about his character, particularly when you consider what Barack's pals Bill and Bernardine were doing right about the same time -- oh, and let's not forget the "cultural and pharmaceutical event" also taking place in upstate New York, you know, the one that Hillary was hot to memorialize with a taxpayer-funded museum?

Keep that in mind while you watch this stunning video. And then vote accordingly for the only man in the race who has "truly fought for you."

Parting thought/question: Why did the French release this now? Could they be secretly fearful of an Obama administration?

Calling All Catholics (and Christians)

From the fantastic Gateway Pundit (truly one of the blogosphere's very best), I discovered this powerful ad from America's Choice Now, an organization that is attempting to enlighten Catholics and Christians who've wandered off life support in favor of income redistribution -- something Jesus never preached to begin with (he was speaking of individuals when he commanded his disciples to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and take care of the "least among us"). He did, however, have something to say about good and evil in terms of our choices. What will it take for these followers of Christ to realize that the most basic and sacred of rights is the right to life? Perhaps this hard-hitting video will open their eyes.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Obama Campaign, Pithily

Socialism at home, Weakness Abroad

The Bitter Clinger Video

Because we haven't posted it yet, and because the bitter clingers of Pennsylvania are going to win this one for McCain and Palin:

Sarah is "on"

The McCain campaign waited too long to unleash her, but as Jennifer Rubin notes, thank goodness they did:

She is turning out to be a rather effective advocate — both on the stump and in increasingly frequent interviews. In part this is because she gets good, punchy material, isn’t afraid to attack her opponent and speaks in down-to-earth language. In other words, she is a very good politician. Anyone who runs for office and gets elected multiple times has to have some basic political skills. She has more than her share.

So why did they stow her away for so long? One of the many mysteries of the campaign. But it goes to show that the things pundits ooh and ahh over — debate performance, verbal acuity and TV finesse — are both talents and acquired skills that have little, if anything, to do with being a “serious” candidate or being qualified. Since she was villified before for a rocky performances, has she suddenly become an acceptable candidate in the eyes of political insiders? No. They don’t credit her adeptness now – any more than they recognized her record of reform and energy expertise then. She is and remains simply not one of “them” – one of the media vetted, Washington manicured set of politicians who sound and look a certain way and have a certain type of experience –in the right states of course.

There simply is no pleasing some.

"Sarah's a Fighter"

Great ad from Our Country Deserves Better PAC. Chin up, McCain-Palin supporters -- if Sarah can keep fighting, so can we!

The Difference Between Right and Left

There is one major difference between the Left and the Right apart from their diametrically opposed political philosophies. Quite simply that difference is one of class, and I'm not talking about social standing. I am talking about dignity and respect and character. When it comes to class, the Right wins in a landslide.

For example, let's take the election of 1960. JFK won by the narrowest of margins and won Illinois due to the majority he garnered in Cook County. The problem was that many of these Democratic votes out of Cook County that year came from cemeteries. Similar voting discrepancies occurred in West Virgina and several other states. If ever a candidate had the right to call for a recount, it was Richard Nixon. However, Mr. Nixon exhibiting great class announced that he would not make the country endure an electoral recount, and instead suffered defeat nobly.

We all know what happened forty years later and the travesty perpetrated on the country by Democrat Albert Gore. He lost Florida by a very narrow margin, and as such was entitled to a recount under Florida law. He had his recount and lost again. But that wasn't enough for the man who invented the Internet. He then concocted a sham about votes being miscounted and improperly cast and launched the war of the hanging chads. For over one month he put the country through hell and protracted litigation, before the Supreme Court handed him defeat. What a contrast to 1960.

Speaking of 2000 let's not forget the Senate race in Missouri that year. Republican John Ashcroft was pitted against incumbent Democratic Governor Mel Carnahan. Sadly, Governor Carnahan was killed in a plane crash shortly before the election. The Democrats shamelessly simply put the Governor's wife's name on the ballot at the last minute. Even though such a move was illegal and in violation of Missouri election law, John Ashcroft did not object as was his legal right to do so. No doubt ,a showing of great class on his part under the circumstances. Can you imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and the Republicans attempted to substitute a candidate at the last minute.

Well, Mrs. Carnahan ended up defeating Senator Ashcroft in that race. Once again in his concession speech,Ashcroft exhibited great class. Senator Ashcroft eloquently stated, " I hope the election results bring some small measure of solace to Mrs. Carnahan." A few months later, John Ashcroft was nominated to be Attorney General by President Bush. Just how did the Widow Carnahan vote. Why she voted against the nomination and stated that Ashcroft was a divisive figure. What class, Madam!

Two years later in 2002 Liberal Senator Paul Wellstone was killed shortly before the election. In a total display of classless behavior, his funeral was turned into a cheap political rally, at which several Democratic elected representatives spoke. These politicos actually called on Wellstone's Republican friends in the Senate who were up for reelection to stand down. Kind of a perverse, lose one for the Gipper. This mockery of a funeral went a long away to restoring Republican control of Congress that year.

More recently the deaths of Jerry Falwell and Tony Snow were clear examples of the very point I am making. These men weren't even cold, when vicious and vile attacks were launched en masse by the Left wing blogs. To the contrary, I defy you to find one right wing blog reveling in Senator Kennedy's bout with cancer. Don't waste your time. You won't find anything because it doesn't exist. Again it's a matter of class.

If Ann Coulter or the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth are invited speak on a college campus what happens. They are shouted down and Leftist loons scream profanities and throw pies. Ever see right wing groups do that. The answer is no. Again a matter of class. In my own suburban, middle class neighborhood McCain signs are routinely torn down and property vandalized. No such thing happens to Obama signs. Gee, I wonder why.

All of which leads me to a startling conclusion. I actually agree with Senator Obama on one thing. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it will remain a pig. Or as my mama used to say, " all of the money in the world can't buy class". Maybe the Liberals are right, "class warfare" indeed.

Say it ain't so, Joe!

Sarahcuda eating Biden for lunch -- just a devastating attack on his rather unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on your point of view) comments.

"What am I talkin' about?!"

In this case, I suspect Ol' Joe's gaffe from yesterday was a subconscious attempt at self-preservation, a Freudian slip intended to remind the electorate of the bleak consquences of an Obama-Biden administration. Even poor Joe would rather just go back to the Senate a defeated VP candidate, but still a living, breathing and free human being, than face the elevated risk of Iranian aggression alongside Barack Obama.

Sarah is more than happy to assure their mutual campaign destruction by dismantling Joe's own words and explaining their grim meaning to the American voter. And judging from this video, her speech is resonating with the Joe and Jane Plumbers of the country. Go Sarahcuda!

The Compleat Case Against Voting For Barack Obama

ALERT: Send this link to everyone you know who is even thinking about voting for Obama.

Sometimes, my laziness is a good thing! I had given a lot of thought to a comprehensive review of the issues that make a vote for Obama at the very least problematic, and most likely, a mistake. Well, good news! Mary Katharine Ham and Guy Benson, with editorial assistance from the great Ed Morrissey, have done that for me - phew, now I can sit back and watch the World Series guilt free! (Yea, it's the same link over and over - it's important!)

Speaking of which, today is the 28th anniversary of something that has happened only once in history, and which presaged a Reagan victory two weeks later. Go Phils - a palindromic title to go with the '80 title ('08) would bookend nicely with a McCain victory on November 4, 2008, precisely 28 years after the election of the greatest president of my lifetime, Ronald Reagan.

And here are some links to the 1980 Phils:

They were just about counted out before rallying for a great victory in Game 4 of the NLCS.

Game 5 - a victory that put them in the Series for the third time in team history and the first time in 30 years.

And the Series clincher on October 21, 1980.

But don't forget the point of this post: it's the comprehensive case against Barack Obama. Read it, click on the links, and send it to all your acquaintences.

Willie Brown speaks the truth

I admire honesty, especially during the silly season and especially when it might not make the home team look so good:

The Republicans do, however, have a point about ACORN and those voter registration drives.

I have dealt with organizations like that for years. They all think they are sacrosanct and entitled to play fast and loose. They see themselves as advocates of the deprived, and they are made up of a combination of idealists, elements of the religious movement, and people like Obama. People who come out of college or law school and don't really need to go out and work, so they do a stint at community service.

ACORN and organizations like it are great places to do a stint like that.

You use your skills and relationships to help them get grants.

In return, groups like ACORN are unabashedly supportive of those who help them - especially with voter registration and get-out-the-vote drives.

H/T Don Surber


Click on the image above to buy "I Am Joe" merchandise, the proceeds from which will go to Joe, er, Samuel J. Wurzelbacher.

Whatever happened to self-reliance? (A post by Daria)

In spite of the frightening national security implications of an Obama presidency, which would inevitably come with a dizzying lurch toward socialism, an even greater expansion of the welfare state (pardon the redundancy) and the loss of countless freedoms (i.e. freedom of speech in the form of the Fairness Doctrine, which would basically muzzle talk radio), many Americans simply refuse to acknowledge the truth.

I wish I had a dime for every conversation I’ve had with either fellow McCain-Palin supporters seeking information (ammunition) to employ in debate with supposedly intelligent, educated voters (many of whom remain willfully clueless about Obama), or the honestly uninformed, who may still be on the fence in spite of watching movies like Obsession and The Third Jihad. Many of these Americans have succumbed to the misguided notion that, in spite of his Hamas-endorsement, “The Messiah” will keep us just as safe from radical Islamic terror as George W. Bush has for the last eight years!


Here’s a bold prediction folks: should Obama win this election, we’ll be watching video of Palestinians celebrating in the streets, much as they did after the 9/11 attacks. Ol’ Vladimir Putin will begin plotting his next egregious move, which will no doubt involve “finishing the job” in Georgia before invading other former slave states like Ukraine and Poland. Knowing that Mr. Obama has zero interest in domestic drilling and a Carter-esque outlook of moral equivalence (remember when his first reaction to the Russian invasion of Georgia was that both sides needed to show restraint?), what’s to stop Putin from seizing the pipeline that pumps fuel into Europe, thereby crippling their economy?

The critical issues I’ve just enumerated are but the tip of the iceberg, yet I fear that my efforts to educate have fallen mostly on deaf ears, thus begging the question, why?

Here’s where I derived the title of my post.

One of the younger voters with whom I engaged in polite, detailed conversation last week offered a simple query via one of his 20-something friends: “What is John McCain going to do for lower and middle income people?” And therein lies the problem. As my teachers used to tell me in elementary school, if you ask a silly question, you get a silly answer. Luckily, he posed this question to me! J

Newsflash: It’s not the government’s job to “do something” for you, people!

I patiently gave my young friend a brief tutorial on the Constitution of the United States of America, the foundation for the greatest country the world has ever known. I explained to him that the Constitution recognizes every American’s God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As I painstakingly pointed out, that last one is up to each and every individual, with “pursuit” being the operative word. Our government’s role is actually very simple, though gravely serious: provide for the common defense in the form of a strong military and protect us from foreign and domestic enemies. And yes, create and maintain a criminal justice system, while offering limited oversight into the affairs of business (key word, limited).

Since this young man also happens to be a minority, I shared the story of my own father with him, to highlight a larger point about self-reliance and determination.

My dad has had a distinguished career as a general and vascular surgeon. He’s well-known in the area, well-liked and highly regarded for his skills and expertise. But it wasn’t always an easy road for him. As the son of Italian immigrants, my father was raised in a loving, yet modest home. Though his parents supported him emotionally, they lacked the financial means to help him out with the expensive school tuition.

Did my father give up on his dreams? Did he whine to the government about how “unfair” it was that other kids his age didn’t share the same challenges?

Nope. He worked three jobs to put himself through college and medical school, focused on his goals, knowing that he had to make short-term sacrifices for long-term gains. And from what others have told me, he did it with a smile on his face, never once begrudging the fact that while his peers were out partying, he was home studying.

Later, when my father was applying for residencies, he came across another problem: prejudice. Seems many of the area hospitals didn’t want an “eye-talian” on staff.

Did my father pick up his marbles and go home? Did he petition the government? Did he set up his own ethnic-baiting, grievance-mongering organization?

Nope. He simply applied to other hospitals that did recognize his talents, and then went on to enjoy an illustrious career.

Am I suggesting that bigotry and prejudice are good things? Of course not. But as I told my friend on the phone, in a country filled with millions of flawed human beings, you are bound to run into a creep every now and then. And as my dad repeatedly told me growing up, one of the many great things about America is that you can always find another door, no matter how many may slam in your face. He should know. He’s living proof.

However, I fear that the spirit of self-reliance and determination exhibited by the immigrants and citizens of yesterday has transformed into a willful dependency, buoyed by the class-warfare politics so gleefully practiced by the party that pretends to be the champion of the everyday American. The result is an embrace of surrender -- whether it be to the basest human instincts such as laziness, living off of the sweat and hard work of fellow citizens -- or to the self-imposed delusion that a President Obama will keep America safe, simply because he’s promising lots of entitlements to those who done nothing to earn them, and not because of his stellar foreign policy credentials. Apparently, in their eagerness to have the government do everything for them, these folks are willing to throw America’s safety and security under the bus along with Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Bernandine Dohrn, Father Pfleger, Malcolm X and the rest of Obama’s merry band of Marxists.

Our Founding Fathers must be weeping right about now.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Reality Check from Michael Medved

Think an electoral spanking would be good for conservatism? Maybe not so much:

That’s the biggest threat of an Obama presidency: the creation of vast new groups of dependent Americans who will comprise an unassailable new coalition that will enjoy iron control of our politics for a generation or more. If you start with newly legalized immigrant voters (with as many as 10 million new Democrats totally beholden to Obama and company) and then add the beneficiaries of government pre-school, the new nursery school teachers, the recipients and administrators of federal health insurance, federal college grants, the businesses who’ll enjoy the $150 billion in promised subsidies for “alternative energy,” the companies and employees of the vast increases in “infra-structure” spending (lots more bridges to nowhere), the non-tax payers who will suddenly receive a $1,000 per household check (under the guise of “refundable tax credit,” and many, many more.

In his first years in office, a President Obama could easily succeed in buying so many interest groups and constituencies with expensive new governmental favors, that conservative dreams of rebuilding a small government majority will go absolutely nowhere.

The conservative movement, and the survival of a viable small-government faction in American politics, depends upon a McCain victory in November. A triumph for Barack Obama, combined with Democratic gains in both House and Senate, could easily usher in a dark new era with decades of corrupt, welfare-state, bureaucratic leftist rule.

Gutfeld addresses one of the curiously underreported Obama lines from the last debate

One of the reasons I thought McCain kicked butt at the debate was that Obama tossed off so many falsehoods and whines that I thought Fox News, at the very least, as the target of one particularly egregious whine, would call him on it. But noooo! There was Britt Hume going on about Joe the Plumber and Bill Kristol comporting himself as if he were at a wake. Thankfully, though, there is still Greg Gutfeld:

So Obama thinks that Fox News has cost him a few points in the polls – even saying that if he watched the network, he wouldn`t vote for himself either. Now, I`m not here to say Obama`s wrong. I actually think Fox News does go after him – a lot. But someone has to.

For the past three decades, every network has been uniformly the same: heart-bleedingly liberal. Nearly every damn magazine, newspaper and after school special spits out the same left wing assumptions – rich people bad, poor people good, America evil – as though they are suffering from a Marxist version of Tourette`s. And Obama is everything they want in a nice, neat package.

That's why today every anchor wants to crawl into bed with Barack, as every coddled pop singer offers their services for free to the Messiah. And there`s the late night comedians, who hammer Republicans seven times more often than Dems. It`s a golden rule: It doesn`t have to be funny if it`s easy.

But despite all this, you still have people whining in their soiled diapers about Fox News – just because it`s the one news network that refuses to comply with an overarching liberal theocracy. You`ve got celebrity cretins like Tim Robbins, watchdog weenies like Media Matters and crybaby cranks like Keith Olbermann getting worked up to the point of seizure – because we make them uncomfortable. I say to all of you: Stop being a bunch of pussies and be happy you pretty much own the airwaves.

And as for you Obama, stop acting like a kid who complains to the principal because a teacher gave you a 98 instead of a perfect grade. Be thrilled with having the entire media - except us - in the tank for you. Seriously, you don't need blind obedience among everyone with a laminated I.D to win.

So Obama, if you`re expecting people here to kiss your ass, you`ll need to head over to MSNBC. I hear there`s a guy over there with a thrill up his leg dying to give you a sponge bath.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

Must See TV

Thinking happy thoughts with Ralph Peters

Depressed? Hopeless? Yearning for a return of foreign affairs circa 1979, with American hostages in Iran, the Soviet Union ascendant, and its useful idiots in the US abetting its evil doings? Well, here's Ralph Peters to cheer you up - after reading this, you'll yearn for the days of "Nightline" when it was called "America Held Hostage, Day #". Sweet dreams!

A Democratic Patriot

Orson Scott Card dares to tell the truth about the state of journalism and current events:

If you do not tell the truth about the Democrats — including Barack Obama — and do so with the same energy you would use if the miscreants were Republicans — then you are not journalists by any standard.

You're just the public relations machine of the Democratic Party, and it's time you were all fired and real journalists brought in, so that we can actually have a news paper in our city.

Obama's Mastermind

In the early 1930's while working in FDR's first administration, famed author Napoleon Hill wrote his classic tome on success entitled "Think and Grow Rich". The book is a case study of the science of success. The gist of the book is that true wealth in life is not measured by finances alone, but by other more precious principles.

The author, Hill, was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie for no money, to interview the most successful people in the country and develop the science of success so that it could be memorialized and taught to everyday, ordinary Americans. Carnegie did not give Hill a dime, he simply introduced him to various people like Edison and Henry Ford, and Hill did the rest. The book was a huge success and Hill became wealthy even though he wasn't subsidized directly by Carnegie. Imagine that.

The book outlines several principles of success, one of which is the mastermind principle. Simply put, the mastermind is a process by which individuals associate themselves with other successful individuals in order to learn from them. The idea is to avoid folks who are negative and who will not support you fully in achieving your dreams. Quite simply, it's what your mother meant when she warned you not get in with the wrong crowd.

The idea of the mastermind is to seek out positive influence and that by associating in a coordinated fashion with successful people, you can achieve so much more in less time than you ever could on your own. For example, in the book Hill points out that Henry Ford's dream of an affordable automobile for every American took a quantum leap forward, after Ford made the acquaintance of Thomas Edison.

As for Hill himself he was a great admirer of Abraham Lincoln and when faced with challenges in his life would often ask himself, what would Lincoln do? What does all of this have to do with "The One" you ask. The answer is, a great deal. Let's look at Obama's "mastermind". Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dorhn, Reverend Wright, Fr. Pfleger, Tony Rezko, Acorn, the Black Panthers, Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan, Planned Parenthood, and NOW. A veritable who's who of terrorists, criminals, Marxists, and America haters. What question(s) does Obama ask himself when he's faced with a challenge in the Oval Office? I shudder to think what it could be.

Contrast that with John McCain who speaks of his father and grandfather, war heroes both, as well as Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. You know what he'll do when faced with a challenge. He will put America first. We know that because he we know his record and we know his associations, of which he can be proud.

More importantly, let's put to rest once and for all the bogus defense put up by Obama supporters on the issue of his associations. Conservatives and Republicans are constantly accused of guilt by association, which is a baseless charge. For the record, guilt by association would be saying something to the effect of that I as an American of Italian descent must be in the Mafia because there are Italian - Americans in the Mafia. That is guilt by association whereby I am linked to criminal activity in my example, with no evidence other than my sharing an ethnic background with some people who happen to commit crime.

What we are talking about here, are what are the greatest influences in the life of the man who could become the next President of the United States. This is a very serious issue of which all Americans have an absolute right to know. Unfortunately, Obama has been hiding under the cover provided by the dinosaur media. He and they do no want us to know the full extent of his nefarious associations, because if disclosed his candidacy would go up in flames. Despite this media conspiracy to hide the truth, the evidence is in regarding Obama's "mastermind" and it is overwhelming. Be afraid my fellow Americans, be very afraid.

Happy Birthday Michelle!

Hmmm, I know of someone else who went to your alma mater, though he's a few years ahead of you. Did I mention your high school also comes up in my new!

Anyway, love the photo and the big hair; I didn't have much luck getting mine to do that back in the day, though it was all the rage on college campuses, too (I am a few years older than you myself).

Thanks for all of your excellent work and I hope you share many, many more wonderful years with family and friends!

I'm talking to you, Mickey Kaus

I have been meaning to address something that has been a burr in my saddle, so, with a day off, I decided now would be as good a time as any.

I love reading Mickey Kaus, who fancies himself a "New Democrat". He beat the drum for welfare reform, and has been eloquent in touting its success. He takes on the thoughtless knee-jerk positions of those on the left, and analyzes issues with an eye to trying to reach a reasonable conclusion, whether that ticks off Democrats or not. I don't always agree, but I respect his approach.

However, every four years, Mickey has "coming-home-itis". It's as if all his earnest striving in the the in-between years is suppressed, and the "New" in "New Democrat" gets set aside. Perhaps the funniest manifestation of this was in 2000, when he engaged in multi-part blogorrhea, pretending to be torn up by whether to support Gore or Bush. Let's just say that I gave Mickey the benefit of the doubt and believed that he was truly trying to explain his vote, but, seriously, no one with a brain doubted that he would ultimately support Gore.

Now all that is well and good, and I would be happy to accept it for what it is. However, Mickey this year has taken an almost perverse delight in jabbing at McCain-Palin supporters for being so supposedly gullible in working for his victory while overlooking or downplaying the disagreement that many of us have with John McCain on comprehensive immigration reform (CIR). The tee-hee-ing about it, the calling us "cheap dates", the acting as if we are taken in by McCain's claims to have learned his lesson while assuring Latinos that he will be their friend down the line on this issue... on and on it goes. News flash, Mickey: We get it. But given the choice between two candidates who offer similar approaches to immigration, and whether or not we buy your calculus purporting to show that because McCain with a Democratic congress is marginally more likely to pass comprehensive immigration reform than a President Obama would, we are not going to fail to support his candidacy, when so much else separates these two candidates. We will fight him on CIR when he is in office if we must, as, I suspect, albeit quietly, will Sarah Palin.

But let's turn the tables on you, Mickey. I view CIR as important for a number of non-trivial reasons, including national security and the wage-depressing effect on American workers. But while I trust that a President McCain will take national security seriously, mitigating at least some of my reservations about what CIR would like under a President McCain, here's what I don't get about you: How can welfare reform, a signature issue for New Democrats, a signal success of the Clinton years (in large part to a GOP congress), and a huge positive for American society - all by your reckoning - be squared with a vote for Obama? Direct transfer payments from productive citizens to those less well-off, some for entirely legitimate reasons, but many for far less justifiable ones - isn't that welfare? Isn't the Obama approach a replay of the system that leads to loss of incentive among the lower class to work? Among young females to eschew more healthy attitudes towards marriage and family? The lynch pin of so many social pathologies that plagued the country for so long? In short, something far more central to the way America lives and breaths than CIR? And yet, you don't characterize yourself as a cheap date, do you? A dupe for a false Messiah? Someone whose formidable analytical skills melt to mush in the face of electing a guy about whom we know far too little, who Biden promises us will be greeted with an international incident of a serious magnitude within six months of attaining office, and whose associations have been unfailingly with radical leftists?

So, which is it, Mickey? Is redistribution of income and the attendant social pathologies that flow from it more likely under a President Obama than CIR is under a President McCain? And which will have the more devastating effect on this country?

Who's the cheap date?

Rush on the Colin Powell Endorsement

Personally, I could care less; it's not as if this was some great surprise. Powell is a RINO who supports affirmative action and unfettered abortion, and thus was never a conservative to begin with. But some Republican friends are upset by his proclamation of "The One" as the next best hope for America.

Considering his abject lack of consideration for a man he's known for decades, not only is Powell short-sighted, but he's a pretty lousy friend to boot.

Rush, as usual, is right on the money:

Because being a media darling and getting invited to the right cocktail parties is much more important than doing the right thing by your country.

Obi Wan Speaks

Jim Geraghty's unnamed elder adviser, known to Jim's readers only as "Obi Wan", weighs in on the state of the race. Read it all, but here's a taste:
Obi Wan is wondering about the timing of the Colin Powell endorsement, too. I had figured that Powell's nod would have been a bigger help to Obama earlier in the race - recall the rumors of Powell speaking at the Democratic Convention. Obi-Wan figures this was one of the best cards Obama had left to play, and he played it in the next-to-last weekend instead of the final weekend. He wonders if internal polling prompted the Obama camp to roll out Powell a bit earlier than planned.

"McCain had a very good week," he told me. "He looked presidential at Al Smith dinner and he had everybody talking Joe the Plumber and taxes the next few days. And the debate performance may have been as big as Kennedy in '60 — that important, because the undecideds were watching."

"We have just seen the greatest economic scare since the Great Depression and everybody is looking at polls as if they are business as usual. That's crazy."

My son spent more than five hours at the local GOP HQ, helping to sell merchandise and answer phones. Look, folks, do your part: volunteer, make calls, send money, and keep your chin up! This isn't over, not by a long shot. Even with the economic crisis (which, thankfully, appears to be in the rear view mirror, at least for the short term - knock on wood), which, for reasons I cannot fathom, has helped Obama, it is still a very close race. McCain is a great closer, those tens of thousands showing up for Palin appearances aren't a mirage, and Obama can't close the deal.

We're gonna win this thing, unless we allow the cynical MSM and the Dems dispirit us. Don't let that happen.

For my Florida Friends

Early voting began today. Click here for more information. And please -- make sure you touch the right button on the screen! :)

Another Question for My Friend's Union Friend

The deceptively named Employee Free Choice Act would take the most basic of American rights away from union workers, namely the ability to vote in private. I'd love to hear his thoughts on this, and have asked my friend to question him on it during their next conversation.

In another Election 2008 Twilight Zone feature, George McGovern, the most liberal candidate to ever run for the highest office, save for Obama, speaks out against this extremely un-American proposition, which the Senator from Illinois favors:

What say you, Norm?

UPDATE: Wonder what Norm thinks of Bill?

Read My Blog: No, Obama Will Not Keep Us Safe from Terror Attacks!


It's hard to believe I have to go down this road yet again, but word on the street is that many voters still don't get it. A very good friend had a conversation with a gentleman today, an American who happens to be Jewish. This guy is pretty teed off at her for sporting a McCain-Palin sign on her front lawn, citing that as a union leader (I won't mention which one in the interest of privacy), he's extremely disappointed in her for not throwing her support behind "The One."

Now this friend of mine is incredibly smart, personable and witty, more than capable of arguing her points coherently and effectively. On more than one occasion, she's expressed her frustration, particularly with members of the Jewish community, who for whatever reason, are under the delusion that Barack Obama is going to keep us safe from terror. Think about that for a moment -- the Hamas-endorsed candidate is just A-OK with these voters!

My friend relates that no matter how many times she questions such clients about the Hamas backing, they shrug it off as if it's a small matter, unworthy of consideration.

So I guess this ad from the Republican Jewish Coalition is rather timely:

Yikes! I never thought I'd see the day when I'd strongly affirm anything out of Hillary's mouth, but she's absolutely right in this case. Obama would give legitimacy to rogue regimes by sitting down with them without preconditions.

Think about that.

Not some lower-level State Department representatives, but the President of the United States!

The leader of the free world would be open to hosting a summit with the world's most vile dictators, yukking it up with Ahmadinejad, a tyrant who has referred to Israel as a "stinking corpse" and made no bones about his desire to blow that country off of the map. So what exactly would these fireside chats accomplish?

How is it possible that anyone could operate under the fantasy that Obama would keep us safe from radical Islamic terrorism??? What is going to take to get through to people?

Perhaps Ralph Peters can enlighten them. Right now, I am feeling pretty exhausted.

Biden Predicts International Incident

I just heard Rush Limbaugh and Rudy Giuliani discussing what has had the right-leaning blogosphere abuzz this morning (it won't be a topic for discussion in the MSM, as it it potentially damaging to Obama).

Allow me to guess at the particulars:
Israel fears fecklessness in the US Executive if Obama is elected.

Israel mortally fears the consequence of an Iranian nuclear weapon coupled with the above.

Israel does what it thinks it must to secure its survival and takes out Iranian nuclear assets.

Obama responds by condemning Israeli aggression.
I didn't realize, until Rush mentioned it, that apparently the candidates had received some sort of national security briefing recently, and so maybe Joe let slip something he knows is likely but has, at least to this point, the sense not to state with specificity.

Of course, as an electoral matter, this should be viewed as a classic Kinsley gaffe, defined as when a politician accidentally speaks the truth. This admission against interest by Biden, though, will have the same curious "tree falls in a forest" non-effect that so much else of the Obama campaign has had. With no MSM outlets caring much to question things that would seem obvious (conflicting reports regarding place of birth and a questionable birth certificate, transcripts from his two colleges and Harvard law school, activities as a community organizer and ACORN buddy, New Party endorsement, waste of tens of millions of dollars in pursuit of indoctrination of elementary school students at the expense of education, socialist economic doctrine, etc), will Biden's prediction even be made known to a significant portion of the electorate?


Yesterday, October 19, was the 28th anniversary of the greatest day in Philadelphia sports history.

On that day in 1980, the Eagles beat the Cowboys at The Vet 17-10, attended by two of the three co-authors of this blog, if I recall correctly.

On the way home, we had the Phillies' game on the radio, listening to Game 5 of the World Series. Having taken a 2-0 lead in the Series, the Phils allowed the Royals back in it, and were in danger of losing Game 5 until late inning heroics by Del Unser. We got home in time to watch Del scorch a double past Willie Mays Aikens into the right field corner, and Mike Schmidt to score all the way from first. Later on, Manny Trillo drilled a shot off of Dan Quisenberry's (RIP) leg, scoring Unser with the go ahead run. Tug McGraw (RIP) struck out former Phillie Jose Cardenal to end the game after walking the bases loaded.

That night, the Flyers beat the rival Canadiens, 2-1. It was an early season game, and lacked the intensity and importance of the two earlier games, but it capped off a perfect day.

Two days later, the Phillies closed out the Royals to take their (so far) only World Series title ever. Two weeks later, Ron Reagan was elected.

The Flyers of 1980 have a connection to today's Flyers and contemporary politics, as Ed Snider was then and remains the team owner, and he has acted as a patron of Sarah Palin, hosting her on visits to Philly, incuding one where she appeared on-ice to participate in the "Greatest Hockey Mom" recognition ceremony and to drop the ceremonial first puck.

So, let's go Phillies, let's go Flyers, and let's go McCain-Palin!

PS: My older sister made a contribution on October 19, 1998: her son Gregory. I spoke with Greg last night to wish him a happy birthday.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A fable, and a book club discussion

Here's a version of Hans Christian Andersen's The Emperor's New Clothes - check it out, read it (it's not very long), and come back here for an Oprah Book Club sort of thing...

Okay, glad to have you back. Around the table we have Jodi Kantor, reporterette from the New York Times, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, a noted expert in childhood education, and Joe, a plumber.

We'll start with you, Ms. Kantor. Your reaction?

Well, if you could hold on a sec, I am trolling FaceBook, looking for friends of kids of Republican candidates, so I can talk to their moms and dads, for insights into what kind of parents Republican scum, I mean, officials, make.

Okay, then, let's throw it to you, Mr. Ayers. What do you say about this timeless classic?

The Emperor is emblematic of the white patriarchy, and his subjects of the mindless conformity of the masses. If I had been there, I would have detonated a nail bomb during the climactic scene, as I am sure some of those in attendance would have been pigs and murdering soldiers. Kill your parents!

Uh, Mr. Ayers, I know you've advised killing your parents, but weren't you a child of privilege who rode your father's reputation into Chicago society when you should have been in jail?

Guilty as hell, free as a bird! Besides, killing your parents is for other people. My father is a respected businessman, the chairman of Commonwealth Edison - with his dough and connections, I would have been a fool to kill him. Brinks security guards and policemen, that's another matter.

Back to the story... So what would you have accomplished by killing a bunch of people at the closing procession?

Don't you get it, man? He's an Emperor, with, like, an empire. What more do you need to know?

Oh, I don't know. What did you think about the child at the end, who, to borrow a cliché, spoke truth to power.

Well, he must have been a black child, as they are the only authentic race in this country.

But it wasn't set in this country. I mean, Hans Christian Andersen wrote this in the early 19th century in Denmark. I would think he would have been imagining the story in a medieval European setting, right?

Memory is a motherf---er, as I have said. Great opening line, huh? But I think you are too caught up in things like facts and reasonable inferences at the expense of the narrative.

What narrative?

My narrative, pig. The only thing that matters. And about which I will say nothing, at least until Obama, some guy in my neighborhood, gets elected.

I see. OK, Reverend Wright. What do you think about the story?

The emperor's chickenssss have come home to roossssst.

I'm not sure what you mean.

Not God bless the Emperor, God d--n the Emperor. That's in the Bible!

Anyway, Joe, you're a plumber from Ohio, what do you take away from this story?

Well, it's funny, I've been listening to these other answers, and I'm kind of wondering whether or not the main point of this story is being missed. I mean, here you have a guy who is the Emperor, but he is so vain he won't admit what is obvious to him: that he's being played for a sucker. And then there are all these guys who are supposed to be helping him out, and they are too afraid to tell the truth, like maybe if they did, all sorts of dirt would come out on them. So, finally, the only character I can relate to, this little kid, he says, what the hell, people, the Emperor's naked! And finally, the people watching this, they said, hey, you know, the kid's right. Even the Emperor knew it, but he's still all like, hey, I've gone this far, I'm not going to stop now. At least not until the election, I guess, if they even elect emperors, but what do I know, I'm just a plumber.

Good! I feel like we're getting somewhere. Jodi, are you back in the discussion?

Yes, I'm here. And I can't believe what I am hearing. Look, let's get to the heart of the matter by asking the kind of tough questions a reporter is trained to ask. What kind of grades did this kid make in school? Does he have a juvenile record? Are his parents registered Republicans? Did they support the Emperor? Are there any tax liens against them? Did they have a license to watch the procession?

I see. But even with answers to those questions, wouldn't the central issues still be the thievery of the weavers, the vanity of the Emperor, the fear of his advisers and subjects, the honesty of a child?

Look, I've done some digging into the background of the weavers. They were Franklin of Raines and James, son of John. So they are unimportant to the story. And it turns out that there is a part of the story that Hans Christian Andersen left out. It seems that members of a rival faction told him that the weavers were unscrupulous and trusting them would only lead to loss of wealth to the kingdom and embarrassment of the Emperor, but it must not have mattered, or it would have been in the story, right?

Well, I admire your journalistic thoroughness, but isn't this kind of beside the point?

No! It is the point! The narrative is the point.

We're back to narrative, so I'll ask again, what narrative?

The New York Times narrative. Like duh.

Okay, well, I must say, that as I think about your responses, the one that makes the most sense, and I hesitate to say this, is that of the plumber's.

You mean the unemployed guy. We got him fired. So who you gonna believe? An unemployed, unlicensed former plumber, or your own lying eyes?