Saturday, February 28, 2009

Update To Mark's Post: Video of Rush at CPAC

Allah at Hot Air has all of the vids together on one page!

Rush at CPAC Part II

I noticed an interesting thing during Rush's speech which I also noticed during the campaign. During Obama rallies, his faithful would chant "Obama, Obama" at various points during his speeches. An uniformed observer watching could not tell what country these rallies were taking place in, Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia perhaps?There was absolutely no mention of America. Contrast that with what happened during Rush's speech today. Many times he was interrupted by cheers and chanting. Curiously, the crowd was not chanting " Rush, Rush", but rather "USA,USA". The same thing occurred at McCain - Palin rallies, chants of "USA,USA", and never the candidates names. I find this very telling. Another example of the stark contrast between liberalism and conservatism.

Rush at CPAC

I just watched Rush's speech at CPAC and it was the greatest speech on Conservatism since the days of President Reagan. It was a real stemwinder that lasted well over an hour, but it seemed like it was over in five minutes. If we only had candidates who could articulate conservatism the way Rush does, Obama and liberalism wouldn't have a chance. Basically, he succinctly laid out the premise that Conservatism is based on the Constitution and the Declaration of independence and is borne out of the eternal ideas of the Founding Fathers, namely life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Conservatism cannot be bended or twisted or changed, and the era of Reagan cannot be over as some so-called "inside - the - beltway pseudo - conservatives" have proclaimed. It is predicated upon respect for the uniqueness of every individual as created by God. Long live Rush and long live conservatism. Stay upbeat and fight on to victory in 2010!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Identity Politics: Not Just for Democrats Anymore?

Conservatism appeals to me for numerous valid reasons. Topping the list is the unapologetic championing of the individual, along with his or her right to pursue their dreams, make their own choices, rise above their circumstances through hard work and perseverance, and share their wealth with whomever they deem appropriate.

For all intents and purposes, the Republican Party has been the vehicle through which conservative principles find their way into public policy (though until last summer’s Don’t Go movement in support of lifting the ban on domestic drilling, and most recently, the House GOP’s display of solidarity against the so-called “stimulus” package, you’d be hard-pressed to make that case).

So imagine my surprise when, during the course of a talk delivered by a guest speaker at a Republican function, I was basically told that as a woman, it is incumbent upon me to support all women running for political office, regardless of party or platform. The speaker based her remarks upon two premises: 1.) that both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin were victims of rampant sexism during the 2008 campaign; and 2.) the United States has a deplorable track record when it comes to women in government, lagging behind even Third World countries like Cuba.

Let’s examine that first one for a moment. Our passionate female orator expressed unabashed outrage at the media’s treatment of the two female candidates in the race—a phenomenon she attributed to insidious misogyny. But is that really what happened? Or for Hillary Clinton, was it more a matter of her party’s identity politics chickens coming home to roost?

After years of being held up as feminine role-model by the left-wing press for her relentless advocacy of sacred cows like abortion-on-demand, nationalized health care and blame-America-first foreign policy (although she was for the Iraq War before she was against it –er, well at least before the Daily Kos became a thorn in the side of her presidential aspirations), a funny thing happened. A black man entered the Democratic Primary, thus derailing Hillary’s coronation, as skin color took precedence over gender in the Donkeys’ endless grievance-mongering game.

As Geraldine Ferraro correctly opined, if a white man with Obama’s identical qualifications or lack thereof had been Hillary’s opponent, the media would have yawned. But because Obama happened to have dark skin, journalists everywhere were getting tingles up their leg. And while I agree with Geraldine in this regard, I’ll take it a step further: if Hillary had been up against a garden-variety, white liberal male, CNN, MSNBC and the rest would’ve been rhapsodizing over the fact that she was a woman—never mind the fact that unlike Sarah Palin, Hillary owed her entire political career to her husband’s influential coattails.

Contrast our new Secretary of State with the Governor of Alaska, a truly self-made woman who financed her own college education, started a successful business, and rose from city council to mayor to Alaska’s highest office through her own initiative, talent and determination. There was no politically entrenched nepotism lighting the way for Sarah’s ultimate arrival on the national stage as the “historic” Republican nominee for Vice President—her remarkable ascension was a result of her own diligence, something alleged “feminists” pride themselves on championing.

But unlike Clinton, Palin also possessed a “tragic flaw” the Steinem crowd and the MSM simply couldn’t forgive: she not only espoused conservatism, she was a living, breathing testament to its validity. Nowhere is this more evident than in Sarah’s choice to give birth to her youngest child Trig, rather than abort him for the “crime” of having Down syndrome (as the younger sister of Down’s brother, I can assure you the world is a better place because of people like him).

For this and other heresies, Sarah Palin became a target of the most repugnant character assassination ever aimed at a politician, male or female. Rather than tout her many accomplishments, the MSM went into full assault, calling into question her ability to be a good mother while assuming VP duties, mercilessly scrutinizing her pregnant teen daughter’s decision to keep her child and marry his father, splicing her interviews to make her look incompetent in the eyes of the public, and in the most despicable act of media malpractice, propagating the lie that Trig’s mother wasn’t really Sarah, but her eldest daughter, Bristol (a feat that would’ve defied medical science). Can you imagine Hillary being put through such a wringer?

Through it all, Palin remained stalwart and gracious, proving that women can be simultaneously strong, beautiful, principled and feminine. So I’ll concede that a woman in the 2008 presidential campaign was a victim of real injustice—but please, save me the sexism rants. And if it’s so wonderful that Third World countries like Cuba have more female representation in government than the USA, why are they still totalitarian hell-holes? All things being equal, when given a choice between a liberal woman and a conservative man, I’ll vote for the man every time. It’s what an independent, free-thinking, conservative woman would do.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Governor Jindal and the American Idol Culture

Just when my gut tells me an authentic, accomplished conservative has done a nice job presenting common-sense, Reaganesque principles to the electorate, I can always count on the FOX "All Stars" to show me the error of my ways.

Good Lord!

Does the ability to give an eloquent (if teleprompter assisted) speech really supercede Obama's palpable conceit, pomposity and utter disdain for the United States of America -- a country that in his words, needs to be "remade?" Is that all we require in a president these days?

As I've stated many times during President Bush tenure, I'd rather have a genuine patriot in the White House who stumbles over his words, than a silver-tongue orator hell-bent on turning this great republic into a socialist slave state. Yes, there were times I'd cringe listening to President Bush, and occasions where I'd want to scream at him for his reckless fiscal policies (which have helped pave the way for Obama's atrocious "porkulus" bill), and his unabashed advocacy of amnesty, during which he accused amnesty opponents of "not wanting to do what's right for America."

George W. Bush was far from perfect, but one thing I knew for sure: the man loved his country and the honorable men and women of the United States Military.

Enter Governor Bobby Jindal, a man who represents conservatism in all of its forms -- fiscal, social and national security. A servant of the people with a proven track record in Congress and in Baton Rouge, who was chosen to rebut the "glorious" words of the media's annointed messiah, a self-serving, narcissistic Marxist with an obvious love of the spotlight, but a disturbing lack of regard for the loyal opposition, not to mention the country that, tragically, entrusted him with the Oval Office.

Bobby's words were simple and profound. Demonstrating real class, he congratulated Obama on his "historic" presidency, before using examples from his own life to illustrate conservative principles. Jindal began with the story of his parents' immigration to America, and the diffculties his father faced as he worked around the clock to pay for his pregnant wife's medical care and his son's impending arrival. Bobby even joked about being a "pre-existing condition," something most Americans can relate to in this age of endless healthcare debates.

He went on to relate the dangers of government bureaucracy, employing the story of a frustrated sheriff during Hurricane Katrina, another reality with which the entire country is intimately familiar, to clearly make his point in concrete, understandable terms.

Without rehashing every minute detail here, let me just say there were moments when I actually cheered out loud during Jindal's speech. And since I watched it alone, I wasn't mimicking someone else's reaction; it was truly how I felt.

And then I made the mistake of staying tuned in for the FOX "All Stars." Full confession: After Brit Hume slammed the Governor's speech, I promptly turned off my television. It was just so hauntingly familiar, as remembrances of a particular debate flashed through my mind. You know, the one between the messiah and the former POW, in which the latter referenced Joe the Plumber and sarcastically congratulated him on being rich, in order to demonstrate Obama's elitism and "spread the wealth" philosophy??? I thought for sure my side had won that time, too.

But as they'd done last night, the "All Stars" immediately showed me the error of my ways with respect to that debate, thereby reinforcing my belief that it is high time to reject the elites on both the left and right. Was Bobby a bit stilted at first? Sure. Were there audio problems that detracted a little from his message? Yes. However overall, the message was delivered in easily understood terms, using actual events and consequences to prove its validity.

I'll take a real patriot with a Southern drawl over a Chicago thug with a superiority complex any day of the week! As for the FOX "All Stars," they've definitely lost their luster.

UPDATE: El Rushbo weighs in.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

South Florida Tea Party!

Calling All Patriots: South Florida has officially joined the revolution!

Please stand with us on Saturday, February 28 at 2 p.m. at the corner of US 1 and Oakland Park Blvd. (Target Shopping Center), in Fort Lauderdale. Bring your flags and homemade signs expressing your disgust at the Obama Administration and the horrendous "stimulus" bill!!!!

For more information, feel free to contact me via the comments section, as I will check back often. Let's make this a HUGE turnout, like previous efforts in Seattle, Mesa and Overland Park!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Countering the Culture of Self-Absorption

No mere love story, Water Signs celebrates the values that made America the “last, best hope on earth.”

In today’s climate of government irresponsibility, where the same “leaders” who helped cause the economic meltdown (e.g. Chris Dodd and Barney Frank vis-à-vis Freddie Mae-Fannie Mac) are not only absolved of all culpability, but actually permitted to retain their posts; and an increasing number of citizens erroneously believe it’s the president’s job to pay your mortgage and put gas in your tank, it is easy to lose sight of the enduring principles upon which our country was founded. Try as I might, in the phrase “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” I cannot extract anything remotely resembling a healthcare, employment or housing mandate on the part of the federal government.

Then again, I am a third-generation offspring of a family lineage in which faith, determination and hard work are the only things you need to find success in a free and democratic nation. My relatives are hardly unique in this regard, as America’s Founding Fathers—and most of yesteryear’s immigrants—shared the same philosophy. And their spirit of self-reliance lives on through my book’s main characters, many of whom are based on real-life people.

Take Ken Lockheart, for example. A handsome young man of 18, he wants more out of his life than his sleepy Jersey Shore town can provide. Unfortunately, Ken’s working- class parents are unable to assist with paying for the formal education he so ardently desires. Moreover, his father misinterprets his son’s ambition as a personal insult, threatened by his industriousness, and enraged that he would dare forge a different path from the one set out for him by his three older brothers.

An optimist by nature and a patriot at heart, Ken defies his father by enlisting in the US Navy, where he serves his country honorably. Upon his return to civilian life, he accepts the employment opportunities he discovers—not because they align with his ultimate career goals—but because they offer a means to meet his financial obligations and develop a reputation of accomplishment and reliability, even as he strives to attain something better.

And though he faces formidable challenges, it never occurs to Ken to be envious of others who don’t share them, or to whine to the government for assistance. Having seen first-hand the brutalities of some foreign regimes in faraway lands, it is enough for him to live in a country where anyone can rise above their circumstances through sheer force of will.

When Ken unexpectedly meets the beautiful Madeline Rose, he not only falls deeply in love with the sweet and frustratingly self-effacing young woman, but also with the successful family from which she hails. In particular, Ken regards renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Joseph Rose as the embodiment of notable achievement tempered with affability, humility and sincerity.

Like Ken, Dr. Rose enters life as one of four sons in a blue-collar family, though he faces the added challenge of being a child of immigrants. While the good doctor’s upbringing is filled with love, it is also lacking in the financial resources necessary to pay for college and medical school tuition. But rather than cry about the unfairness of it all, Joseph relies on his own diligence, perseverance and sacrifice, working three jobs while maintaining a stellar academic record. He eventually earns a reputation as a top neurosurgeon in Philadelphia.

Both Ken and Joseph embody the American Dream, a concept that has been completely distorted in modern times, where it is not only commonplace, but completely acceptable to wallow in “victimhood.”

Personal responsibility, patience and a Higher Power be damned! We want it all and we want it now!

The character of Erin Maloney exemplifies our current culture of self-absorption. Though married to a faithful man and devoted breadwinner who loves her dearly, Erin becomes thoroughly intertwined in the negative aspects of the Boca Raton lifestyle, with its obsessive focus on plastic surgery, designer clothes and extravagant mansions. In a futile attempt to retain her youth by means of endless surgical procedures, she ultimately causes the disintegration of her own family. Of the three transplants to South Florida, she’s the only one who loses sight of her traditional values.

Lastly, in the character of Madeline Rose, we find the internal conflict of desire versus morality, driven by the difficult challenge of honoring one’s moral upbringing while functioning in the contemporary dating world. Exacerbating the situation is her stubborn resistance to seeing herself as the lovely young woman she is, rather than the chubby child and adolescent of her past. Contemporary women’s magazines—none of which seem to reflect her viewpoints as a female and a Christian—only compound the problem by extolling the virtues of casual sex, size-2 figures and artificially enhanced breasts. Yet Maddy stubbornly upholds the high standards that have shaped her very existence.

When presented with a heart-wrenching moral dilemma, she chooses the honorable path, hiding her feelings for Ken so as to avoid hurting another woman. In the process, she inadvertently lays the groundwork for the darkest period of her life. Yet in the end, Maddy emerges victorious by holding firm to her faith in God, nurturing her personal relationships and moving through obstacles with resolve and determination.

Perhaps if America were exclusively populated with citizens like Ken, Joseph and Madeline, economic bailouts, unscrupulous politicians, moral relativism and the looming specter of socialism would be the stuff of horror films, instead of just another day in D.C.

Friday, February 20, 2009

La Vita Non e Dolce

Poor Madame Pelosi, her Italian holiday just keeps getting worse. First the Italian government told her to stick her offer of taking some Gitmo choir boys and holding them in Italian prisons. The Italian government wisely reasoned that there was no need to have invading jihadists explode bombs on Italian soil, in areas near where these prisoners would be held. As if that wasn't bad enough, now the Holy Father himself has slapped her down. At least in this case, the Madame can't say she wasn't warned.

Prior to her fleeing to Rome, in part so she could force a vote on the porkulus bill before Congress had a chance to read it, she met with her Cardinal in San Francisco to set up an audience with the Pope. Her Cardinal warned her that the Vatican was none too pleased with her anti-Catholic positions, especially given her high profile as Speaker. Nevertheless, because He is a gentleman and a scholar, the Vatican advised San Fran Nan that she indeed would be granted an audience with the Pope. I think however that our gay - lovin' gal read too much into this kind offer.

What is very striking, is that there are no photos of this audience. This is very compelling because the Pope is photographed with nearly everyone. I think it it quite evident from this fact that this meeting was indeed a slap down of Pelosi, something that was a long time coming. You know Pope Benedict was none too pleased with the Madame's comments a few months ago, that the Church's teaching on abortion has always been muddled and was not clear. Not only was this comment wrong, it was a bold faced lie and Pelosi knew it. Better to head to the nearest confessional, Nan.

Boy would I have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the Pope called her out on abortion, gay marriage, euthanasia, and embryo-destructive stem cell research. She must have been blinking up a storm. She had to have been shocked to meet someone who didn't need her bailout, was not bound by Supreme Court precedent, and couldn't care less what the main stream, dinosaur press in America says about Him.

As so eloquently put by Laura Ingraham, this was a clarion call to cafeteria Catholics especially those in the public eye. No more picking out doctrines that you like and ignoring those you don't, while continuing to line up for communion and acting holier than thou. I hope the Vatican becomes even more strident and speaks out further on catholics in elective office taking anti- catholic positions, all the while maintaining their status in the Church. Perhaps it's time to stand firm and rely on old ,traditional punishment. Ex - communication, anyone?

New Ad from the American Issues Project

Wow, this sure puts it all into perspective, doesn't it?

There is a palpable anger brewing in the blogosphere and elsewhere as hard-working, law-abiding Americans digest the outrageous scope and meaning of Obama's atrocious "porkulus" bill. When I think of folks like my father, a son of immigrants who worked his way diligently through high school, college and medical school to achieve his dream of becoming a doctor, you bet I get angry!

Dad never asked for anything from the government, though raised in a humble (some might say, "low-income") row home in Philadelphia. It was enough for him to live in a free country that enabled him to pursue his goals. Yes, it was tough. Yes, he had to make sacrifices. But unlike today's entitlement crowd, Dad never envied or hated the so-called "rich" for not sharing his financial challenges. Instead, he found inspiration in those who'd achieved what he desired, all the while optimistic and grateful for the opportunity to rise above his circumstances.

Enter the government many years later. Their unwelcome intervention in medicine and the influence of trial lawyers -- one of the Dems most revered special interest groups -- forced him to retire from a successful surgical career long before he wanted to. Why? Because of the exorbitant cost of malpractice insurance and the preponderance of frivilous lawsuits.

My father still works to this day as a staff physician and an independent medical expert for court cases. And now, thanks to the heavy hand of liberals in government, he (like so many other diligent Americans) has lost significant money in the stock market, all because politicians like Bill Clinton, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank seem to think home-ownership is enshrined in the Constitution. While Americans who've played by the rules suffer, these ruthless "leaders" (who really ought to be in jail), not only continue to "serve" in government, but make millions of dollars, all the while excoriating "the rich."


It is time to stand up for personal responsibility and accountability, self-reliance, the American Dream (whereby individual effort yields success) and the right of each and every citizen to decide who they will share their hard-earned money with. It's time to tell President Obama, Madame Pelosi, Senator Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrat thugs that we are fed up and we're not going to take it anymore! The Revolution is coming....and it may be that an Obama presidency yields a backlash that will rival the Reagan Revolution in its sheer passion, number and effectiveness. Remember, if we can take back Congress in 2010, we can nullify much of this egregious bill before it destroys our Republic.

It's our country -- let's take it back!

Thank you to The Black Sphere

Last night I was a guest on The Black Sphere, another excellent conservative program on BlogTalkRadio. Kevin, Lisa and Mark made me feel very welcome, as did all of the listeners in the chat room. While participating in the dialogue, I met a lovely woman named Diane who runs a blog dedicated to upholding the right to life for unborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome. Diane's adorable four year-old little girl, Mary Ellen is the inspiration behind the movement. Please check it out and share with anyone you may know who would benefit from the support and friendship offered.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bravo Italia

Madame Pelosi went to Rome on her world socialism tour, and hit a significant bump in the road. It seems that part of the reason for her trip to Italy, was to convince the Italian government to take some of the "kind" prisoners that President Bush erroneously and without reason locked up at Gitmo. However, much to the Madame's surprise, the Italians told her thanks but no thanks. They advised the Madame that to their knowledge none of the criminals at Gitmo were Italian nationals, therefore the Italian government saw no need to take these killers in. Talk about a slap in the face! Perhaps Madam you can get them all jobs in your tony San Francisco district,or send some to Chuck Schumer's neighborhood.

My Interview with Martin Dzuris Live

Last night I had the pleasure of appearing on the Martin Dzuris "No Taboo" radio program. The host of this Michigan-based show understands oppression, having escaped communism in his native Russia. Martin and I discussed my fundraiser with Soldiers' Angels, my book Water Signs and the sorry state of our culture. Of course, I ribbed him a little first for subjecting us all to two clips of Chuck Schumer!

Also featured on the broadcast are Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson and Aaron Hecht.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Madame Pelosi Goes to Rome

What a joke! The worst Speaker in history insists Congress vote on the worst bill in history, without giving members time to read it, because she had to leave for Rome. She claims to be getting an award from an Italian government organization, no doubt a Socialist one. Apparently, she will also have an audience with the Pope. I hope the Holy Father has the good sense to dress her down on her support for unlimited abortion at taxpayer expense. While he's at it, he should let her have it on gay marriage as well. She is a fraud and a hypocrite. May she be impeached. And excommunicated!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Valentine for the Troops

UPDATE: I will be a guest on the Joyce Kaufman Show at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, February 11, to discuss. Hope you can tune in!

Gran Torino

Every once in a while, a movie comes along that really strikes a chord. Gran Torino is one of those movies. It features yet another memorable performance by Clint Eastwood, who has a whole boatload of such classic performances on his sterling resume.

In the movie Clint plays a character named Walt Kowalski, a son of Polish immigrants who won a Purple Heart in the Korean War. His character is in stark contrast to his self - absorbed baby boomer children, and "Valley - girl pierced" grandchildren.

Clint's character is a Catholic, widower who worked forty years on the assembly line at Ford to give his wife and children a better life. He appreciates the simple things in life, namely his loyal dog, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and his mint-condition 1972 Ford Gran Torino. He was loyal to his wife and provided for his children, who don't seem to remember his sacrifice or worse yet, don't care. Walt's neighborhood is deteriorating and becoming increasingly unsafe but he refuses to move, especially into a development for seniors like his son and daughter-in-law want him to do. The movie focuses on a friendship he develops with his Asian (Hmong) neighbors, and how he protects them from a local, Hmong gang who is terrorizing them.

In short, it is a microcosm of what makes America great - hard work, sacrifice, concern for others, and the understanding that there are things out there bigger than oneself. Unfortunately these characteristics are in short supply these days, and will become in even shorter supply as people in Walt's generation continue to dwindle in the coming years.

This picture deserves to win several awards, as do Clint and several of the other actors. Unfortunately, in politically correct Hollywood, it has no chance. However, it will I believe, resonate on Main Street which is the real America. Kudos to Walt Kowalski and the millions of other hardworking Americans he represents, who helped make this country the greatest nation in the history of civilization.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Soldiers' Angels Fundraiser

I have partnered with the outstanding charity Soldiers' Angels on a fundraising effort for the month of February. For every copy of Water Signs purchased, I will donate 10% back to this worthy organization. With Valentine's Day around the corner, why not give the gift of a compelling love story, and support our honorable troops in the process???

Fired Up and Fighting Back

I just returned from a kick-off rally for Colonel Allen West, candidate for Congress for Florida District 22. Colonel West represents everything that is right and good about America -- he's a decorated veteran who has served his country honorably, most recently in Afghanistan; a fiscal conservative; a proponent of energy independence through domestic drilling and research and development; and champion of a strong national defense that includes securing our borders, deporting foreign felons to their countries of origin, and supporting Israel's inclusion in NATO.

Though grossly outmatched in terms of financial resources in his 2008 campaign against Ron Klein, Allen nevertheless garnered 45% of the vote with his espousal of common-sense, conservative principles, his formidable debating skills and his moral clarity. I proudly cast my vote for him in the last election, but this time around, I am newly energized and ready to take action! I vowed today to do everything in my power to help elect this desperately needed patriot and true representative of the people to the United States Congress.

During these trying last few weeks, I've experienced fear, depression, outrage, sorrow and anxiety, as our new president makes one horrific decision after another in his zeal to transform the USA into a weak, socialist shadow of its former self. I've cried lots of tears. But the time for mourning is now over, replaced by a renewed spirit of determination and activism.

Folks, this is still our country, and we can still get it back on the right course. Please, get involved locally by supporting conservative candidates -- whether you volunteer your time, your money or both. And although the news is incredibly frightening, don't ever give up. Candidates like Allen need our help. And we do have an impact. Look at the solidarity House Republicans demonstrated against the porkulus bill, as well as the majority of Senate Republicans who also held firm (yes I know we have four sellouts -- sigh!). Celebrate the fact that the RNC now has a solid, proven leader in the form of Michael Steele. If nothing else, the Republican party seems to finally be listening to its base -- and that is something to applaud, even if it is late in coming. Obama's election, while incredibly upsetting, has also sparked a movement that may indeed rival the Reagan Revolution in its scope and passion.

Carpe diem!

For more about Allen, visit:


There is an old admonition that warns - be careful what you wish for, you might get it. It seem very appropriate today as we look back on the first two weeks of the new Administration.

Many of us asked for change, and an end to the old Washington politics. Well, let's take a look to see if we got our money's worth. We have multiple tax cheats appointed to the cabinet, the closing of Gitmo, federal funding of abortion overseas, a press secretary who can't string two sentences together, and the stimulus/porkulus bill. What's next, giving Florida to Cuba?

Here's the change you misinformed, MTV Americans have actually received. Criminality,appeasement,immorality,and socialism. Not to mention a President who is clearly in over his head. There's a reason we normally elect Governors to the White House,and not Senators. They have executive experience. This guy is being steamrolled by Pelosi and Reed.The only bright spot has been the strength of Republicans in the House and to a lesser extent in the Senate.

Hang in and keep fighting. 2010 can't come soon enough.