Friday, February 20, 2009

New Ad from the American Issues Project

Wow, this sure puts it all into perspective, doesn't it?

There is a palpable anger brewing in the blogosphere and elsewhere as hard-working, law-abiding Americans digest the outrageous scope and meaning of Obama's atrocious "porkulus" bill. When I think of folks like my father, a son of immigrants who worked his way diligently through high school, college and medical school to achieve his dream of becoming a doctor, you bet I get angry!

Dad never asked for anything from the government, though raised in a humble (some might say, "low-income") row home in Philadelphia. It was enough for him to live in a free country that enabled him to pursue his goals. Yes, it was tough. Yes, he had to make sacrifices. But unlike today's entitlement crowd, Dad never envied or hated the so-called "rich" for not sharing his financial challenges. Instead, he found inspiration in those who'd achieved what he desired, all the while optimistic and grateful for the opportunity to rise above his circumstances.

Enter the government many years later. Their unwelcome intervention in medicine and the influence of trial lawyers -- one of the Dems most revered special interest groups -- forced him to retire from a successful surgical career long before he wanted to. Why? Because of the exorbitant cost of malpractice insurance and the preponderance of frivilous lawsuits.

My father still works to this day as a staff physician and an independent medical expert for court cases. And now, thanks to the heavy hand of liberals in government, he (like so many other diligent Americans) has lost significant money in the stock market, all because politicians like Bill Clinton, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank seem to think home-ownership is enshrined in the Constitution. While Americans who've played by the rules suffer, these ruthless "leaders" (who really ought to be in jail), not only continue to "serve" in government, but make millions of dollars, all the while excoriating "the rich."


It is time to stand up for personal responsibility and accountability, self-reliance, the American Dream (whereby individual effort yields success) and the right of each and every citizen to decide who they will share their hard-earned money with. It's time to tell President Obama, Madame Pelosi, Senator Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrat thugs that we are fed up and we're not going to take it anymore! The Revolution is coming....and it may be that an Obama presidency yields a backlash that will rival the Reagan Revolution in its sheer passion, number and effectiveness. Remember, if we can take back Congress in 2010, we can nullify much of this egregious bill before it destroys our Republic.

It's our country -- let's take it back!

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