Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Governor Jindal and the American Idol Culture

Just when my gut tells me an authentic, accomplished conservative has done a nice job presenting common-sense, Reaganesque principles to the electorate, I can always count on the FOX "All Stars" to show me the error of my ways.

Good Lord!

Does the ability to give an eloquent (if teleprompter assisted) speech really supercede Obama's palpable conceit, pomposity and utter disdain for the United States of America -- a country that in his words, needs to be "remade?" Is that all we require in a president these days?

As I've stated many times during President Bush tenure, I'd rather have a genuine patriot in the White House who stumbles over his words, than a silver-tongue orator hell-bent on turning this great republic into a socialist slave state. Yes, there were times I'd cringe listening to President Bush, and occasions where I'd want to scream at him for his reckless fiscal policies (which have helped pave the way for Obama's atrocious "porkulus" bill), and his unabashed advocacy of amnesty, during which he accused amnesty opponents of "not wanting to do what's right for America."

George W. Bush was far from perfect, but one thing I knew for sure: the man loved his country and the honorable men and women of the United States Military.

Enter Governor Bobby Jindal, a man who represents conservatism in all of its forms -- fiscal, social and national security. A servant of the people with a proven track record in Congress and in Baton Rouge, who was chosen to rebut the "glorious" words of the media's annointed messiah, a self-serving, narcissistic Marxist with an obvious love of the spotlight, but a disturbing lack of regard for the loyal opposition, not to mention the country that, tragically, entrusted him with the Oval Office.

Bobby's words were simple and profound. Demonstrating real class, he congratulated Obama on his "historic" presidency, before using examples from his own life to illustrate conservative principles. Jindal began with the story of his parents' immigration to America, and the diffculties his father faced as he worked around the clock to pay for his pregnant wife's medical care and his son's impending arrival. Bobby even joked about being a "pre-existing condition," something most Americans can relate to in this age of endless healthcare debates.

He went on to relate the dangers of government bureaucracy, employing the story of a frustrated sheriff during Hurricane Katrina, another reality with which the entire country is intimately familiar, to clearly make his point in concrete, understandable terms.

Without rehashing every minute detail here, let me just say there were moments when I actually cheered out loud during Jindal's speech. And since I watched it alone, I wasn't mimicking someone else's reaction; it was truly how I felt.

And then I made the mistake of staying tuned in for the FOX "All Stars." Full confession: After Brit Hume slammed the Governor's speech, I promptly turned off my television. It was just so hauntingly familiar, as remembrances of a particular debate flashed through my mind. You know, the one between the messiah and the former POW, in which the latter referenced Joe the Plumber and sarcastically congratulated him on being rich, in order to demonstrate Obama's elitism and "spread the wealth" philosophy??? I thought for sure my side had won that time, too.

But as they'd done last night, the "All Stars" immediately showed me the error of my ways with respect to that debate, thereby reinforcing my belief that it is high time to reject the elites on both the left and right. Was Bobby a bit stilted at first? Sure. Were there audio problems that detracted a little from his message? Yes. However overall, the message was delivered in easily understood terms, using actual events and consequences to prove its validity.

I'll take a real patriot with a Southern drawl over a Chicago thug with a superiority complex any day of the week! As for the FOX "All Stars," they've definitely lost their luster.

UPDATE: El Rushbo weighs in.

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