Sunday, August 31, 2008

Palin for Vice-President

I have been blogging about Sarah Palin over at Quad Squad, but wanted to take the name "Palin Drone" for this blog, focusing on the GOP VP nominee. I will try to post links of interest and occasionally add my own thoughts.

Beldar Blog is a great resource, as is Palin For VP. Flopping Aces is another good site. Contentions frequently has interesting posts. The Corner, certain curmudgeons excepted (I am looking at you, Rick Brookhiser!), is another good place to pick up insightful thoughts about this exciting VP candidate (and reasoned responses to the doom-and-gloomers).

And, agreeing with Don Surber, Red Neck Woman is not a bad choice (not quite Barracuda, but both have their place).