Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fired Up and Fighting Back

I just returned from a kick-off rally for Colonel Allen West, candidate for Congress for Florida District 22. Colonel West represents everything that is right and good about America -- he's a decorated veteran who has served his country honorably, most recently in Afghanistan; a fiscal conservative; a proponent of energy independence through domestic drilling and research and development; and champion of a strong national defense that includes securing our borders, deporting foreign felons to their countries of origin, and supporting Israel's inclusion in NATO.

Though grossly outmatched in terms of financial resources in his 2008 campaign against Ron Klein, Allen nevertheless garnered 45% of the vote with his espousal of common-sense, conservative principles, his formidable debating skills and his moral clarity. I proudly cast my vote for him in the last election, but this time around, I am newly energized and ready to take action! I vowed today to do everything in my power to help elect this desperately needed patriot and true representative of the people to the United States Congress.

During these trying last few weeks, I've experienced fear, depression, outrage, sorrow and anxiety, as our new president makes one horrific decision after another in his zeal to transform the USA into a weak, socialist shadow of its former self. I've cried lots of tears. But the time for mourning is now over, replaced by a renewed spirit of determination and activism.

Folks, this is still our country, and we can still get it back on the right course. Please, get involved locally by supporting conservative candidates -- whether you volunteer your time, your money or both. And although the news is incredibly frightening, don't ever give up. Candidates like Allen need our help. And we do have an impact. Look at the solidarity House Republicans demonstrated against the porkulus bill, as well as the majority of Senate Republicans who also held firm (yes I know we have four sellouts -- sigh!). Celebrate the fact that the RNC now has a solid, proven leader in the form of Michael Steele. If nothing else, the Republican party seems to finally be listening to its base -- and that is something to applaud, even if it is late in coming. Obama's election, while incredibly upsetting, has also sparked a movement that may indeed rival the Reagan Revolution in its scope and passion.

Carpe diem!

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