Friday, February 20, 2009

La Vita Non e Dolce

Poor Madame Pelosi, her Italian holiday just keeps getting worse. First the Italian government told her to stick her offer of taking some Gitmo choir boys and holding them in Italian prisons. The Italian government wisely reasoned that there was no need to have invading jihadists explode bombs on Italian soil, in areas near where these prisoners would be held. As if that wasn't bad enough, now the Holy Father himself has slapped her down. At least in this case, the Madame can't say she wasn't warned.

Prior to her fleeing to Rome, in part so she could force a vote on the porkulus bill before Congress had a chance to read it, she met with her Cardinal in San Francisco to set up an audience with the Pope. Her Cardinal warned her that the Vatican was none too pleased with her anti-Catholic positions, especially given her high profile as Speaker. Nevertheless, because He is a gentleman and a scholar, the Vatican advised San Fran Nan that she indeed would be granted an audience with the Pope. I think however that our gay - lovin' gal read too much into this kind offer.

What is very striking, is that there are no photos of this audience. This is very compelling because the Pope is photographed with nearly everyone. I think it it quite evident from this fact that this meeting was indeed a slap down of Pelosi, something that was a long time coming. You know Pope Benedict was none too pleased with the Madame's comments a few months ago, that the Church's teaching on abortion has always been muddled and was not clear. Not only was this comment wrong, it was a bold faced lie and Pelosi knew it. Better to head to the nearest confessional, Nan.

Boy would I have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the Pope called her out on abortion, gay marriage, euthanasia, and embryo-destructive stem cell research. She must have been blinking up a storm. She had to have been shocked to meet someone who didn't need her bailout, was not bound by Supreme Court precedent, and couldn't care less what the main stream, dinosaur press in America says about Him.

As so eloquently put by Laura Ingraham, this was a clarion call to cafeteria Catholics especially those in the public eye. No more picking out doctrines that you like and ignoring those you don't, while continuing to line up for communion and acting holier than thou. I hope the Vatican becomes even more strident and speaks out further on catholics in elective office taking anti- catholic positions, all the while maintaining their status in the Church. Perhaps it's time to stand firm and rely on old ,traditional punishment. Ex - communication, anyone?

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