Thursday, October 23, 2008

Newt Gingrich on the "Elite" Media

I am continually impressed by the fairness of Greta Van Susteren, who represents the best of classical liberalism. Last night while I was sleeping (sorry, Phils!), she interviewed Newt Gingrich on his thoughts about the reprehensible media attacks on Governor Palin. Newt, as usual, was sharp as a tack, pointing out the obvious vis-a-vis Joe Biden's glaring gaffes and lies, and the media's lack of interest in pursuing them in favor of sliming Sarah.

Newt also mentions that to the best of his knowledge, not one of the lamestreams has even bothered to ask Governor Palin about the $1,300 she gave back to each Alaskan family, after demanding competition from big oil. Funny, Dems love to castigate the "Grand Oil Party," yet when it comes to publicizing a Republican governor's successful campaign to root out corruption and collusion between big oil companies and politicians from her own party, not one question from dinosaur media.

Much more important to worry about how much her suits cost -- garments that will be auctioned off for charity once the campaign is over. Did anyone ask how much Barack pays for his suits?

Simply breathtaking! Wake up, America!

H/T: Gateway Pundit


Carlos Echevarria said...

You name to move on from Rovian manufactured scandals, please:

Wright, move on
Ayers, move on
Dohrn, move on
Rezko, move on
Hamas, move on
Dirty money, move on
Logan Act violation, move on
Infanticide, move on
Attacking allies, move on
Acorn, move on
Misogyny, move on
57 states, move on

Let's get to a "real" scandal like 150k for clothes, or 20k for her childrens flights, or not understanding the VP role,etc.

On a serious note, I would have never in my lifetime imagined that in this election cycle I would become one of Greta's biggest fans, LOL

She has defended Gov Palin even better than most Republicans...

God bless her and her husband which as you know was a Hillary supporter and is now helping us!!!

Daria said...


I couldn't agree more!This has definitely been a "Twilight Zone" election, with me actually defending Hillary at times, becoming a Greta fan and becoming thoroughly disgusted with the conservative intelligentsia (Noonan, Frum, Brooks, Parker, etc.).

Listening to Laura Ingraham right now, who is always fantastic!