Friday, October 17, 2008

Hey, Facebook Friend!

How's that "Stop Republicans from Stealing Elections" group working out for ya? 'Cause as I pointed out in an early morning post today, the radical organization ACORN -- you know, the one I told you pushes Democrat candidates and is currently under investigation by the FBI? They are the ones stealing elections!

Well now, brace yourself because there's lots more where that came from -- turns out, ACORN is in some serious trouble in yet another state! Gee, it must be tough to conduct serious "Republicans are evil villians who must be stopped" meetings with such a big -- uh -- elephant in the room, so to speak. Or should I more properly say, donkey?

Knowing you have such a great sense of humor, is it possible I have this all wrong? You really formed that group as an Election '08 parody, no?

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