Monday, October 20, 2008

Read My Blog: No, Obama Will Not Keep Us Safe from Terror Attacks!


It's hard to believe I have to go down this road yet again, but word on the street is that many voters still don't get it. A very good friend had a conversation with a gentleman today, an American who happens to be Jewish. This guy is pretty teed off at her for sporting a McCain-Palin sign on her front lawn, citing that as a union leader (I won't mention which one in the interest of privacy), he's extremely disappointed in her for not throwing her support behind "The One."

Now this friend of mine is incredibly smart, personable and witty, more than capable of arguing her points coherently and effectively. On more than one occasion, she's expressed her frustration, particularly with members of the Jewish community, who for whatever reason, are under the delusion that Barack Obama is going to keep us safe from terror. Think about that for a moment -- the Hamas-endorsed candidate is just A-OK with these voters!

My friend relates that no matter how many times she questions such clients about the Hamas backing, they shrug it off as if it's a small matter, unworthy of consideration.

So I guess this ad from the Republican Jewish Coalition is rather timely:

Yikes! I never thought I'd see the day when I'd strongly affirm anything out of Hillary's mouth, but she's absolutely right in this case. Obama would give legitimacy to rogue regimes by sitting down with them without preconditions.

Think about that.

Not some lower-level State Department representatives, but the President of the United States!

The leader of the free world would be open to hosting a summit with the world's most vile dictators, yukking it up with Ahmadinejad, a tyrant who has referred to Israel as a "stinking corpse" and made no bones about his desire to blow that country off of the map. So what exactly would these fireside chats accomplish?

How is it possible that anyone could operate under the fantasy that Obama would keep us safe from radical Islamic terrorism??? What is going to take to get through to people?

Perhaps Ralph Peters can enlighten them. Right now, I am feeling pretty exhausted.

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