Friday, October 17, 2008

Florida's District 22 soon to be a Republican Seat Again

What was that you promised about ethics, Madame Speaker?

For those who may not know, this was once the seat of disgraced Republican Mark Foley, who was hammered by the Democrats and the complicit media for sending emails to teen-aged pages that -- while highly inappropriate and immoral -- failed to rise to the level of criminal. Foley's successor, Democrat Tim Mahoney, pledged to bring morals and values back to the office he served. I guess he forgot to tell his constituents that said morals and values would consist of two extramarital affairs and a suspicious pay-off of at least one discarded mistress.

Yes, the most ethical Congress evah!

I suppose we Republicans should be thankful to gain at least one vacancy in the House, but I find the entire thing indescribably repulsive. It's hard to imagine the pain Mahoney's inflicted upon his wife and daughter. He's a real POS, and if Pelosi hinders or obstructs this investigation in any way, she's an even bigger one. Then again, what's a little adultery for the team when you're willing betray your own country and meet with Syrian dictators who'd like nothing better than our destruction?

Vote Democrat? You've gotta be kidding, right?

UPDATE: Read Stephen Green's hilarious take on this at Pajamas Media. It's the hottest sex scandal the dinosaur media has ever ignored! Because if it's not about a Republican, it's just not newsworthy.

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