Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hey Peggy, We're All Equal

I am infuriated by Peggy Noonan and other so-called conservatives who have harshly criticized Sarah Palin and embraced Obama solely based on his oratorical skills. These elitist conservatives care more about Manhattan and DC cocktail parties than they do about the country. In other words, it more important to them that the country be run by elitists just like them even if those elected are ultra - liberal.

In their "highly intelligent" minds, elitism trumps everything and Obama and the elitist conservatives are therefore "equal". What Peggy and her ilk are saying is that common folk are beneath them. The concept being that as long as the country is run by elites, it doesn't matter what party those elites come from. In the elitist view, that is infinitely better than having a middle class person in the White House. Better that an elitist ruin the country, than a middle class person save it.

Dennis Prager commented on this kind of flawed rationale on his radio show yesterday. He was making the point about how all that the Left cares about is "equality". It does not matter what that so-called "equality" leads to. For example it is better to have everybody poor than to have rich, middle class, and poor, because in the former situation at least everyone is equal. An even better example of this mentality was also cited by Prager yesterday. He opined that the Left loves points to out that there is no illiteracy in Cuba, and that everyone can read. However it does not bother the Left one iota that people in Cuba are not free to read whatever they want.

So it goes with Peggy and these "conservative" cowards. As long as the country is run by their elitist equals, the rest of us be damned.

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Larry said...

Has anybody ever seen Peggy Noonan and Andrew Sullivan (I hope they were wering nametags so you could tell them apart) at the same time.

If I never hear about turncoat "conservatives again, it is OK with me.