Friday, October 17, 2008

Irony of the Day

I just went on Facebook to discover that one of my contacts (not a close friend, but someone I know through business) has started a group called "Don't Let Republicans Steal the Election!"

If not for the fact that the FBI is investigating ACORN voter fraud; Obama thugs are out to destroy a private citizen who had the "audacity" to question his tax plan; Barack Obama's alliances with domestic terrorists, race-baiters and America-haters; his endorsement by Hamas, his Fannie-Freddie treachery; etc., etc., the formation of this group might actually be funny.

Instead, I am weeping for my country and the citizens who've fallen for Obama's load of "articulate" bull. Who could've guessed that the ability to read from a teleprompter would carry more weight than the menace of Global Jihad?

This friend claims his sympathies are with fallen Military members, but when he's eager to elect a man who will reverse every gain we've accomplished in Iraq, thus ensuring that their honorable deaths were for naught, something just doesn't ring true. And this guy is a small business owner too!

I posted the RNC video on my Facebook profile detailing the dirty Democrats' role in Fannie-Freddie, which this friend reacted to with justifiable anger at Frank, Dodd, Obama, and the rest. Yet, he's still "proudly" voting for Obama.

Sorry, but WTF?

This is what we're up against -- an electorate that's willing to simply give lip-service to egregious facts, yet still cast a ballot for the most dangerous man to ever run for president.

Psst! Hey, uh, buddy 'o mine? Just so you know, the criminal organization known as ACORN actively promotes Democrats! Just wanted to alert you to reality. You can go back to sipping your Obama Kool-Aid now.

UPDATE: Possibly criminal stealing of an individual's vote in Georgia. If you have to cheat to win...

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