Saturday, October 18, 2008

Countdown to Cuda's Foray into the SNL Snakepit

I'm a little nervous about this, folks. It's not that I don't think Sarahcuda can handle herself; just that I don't trust these unhinged lefties as far as I can throw them. Who knows what they'll try to do to make her look bad? From the moment this woman emerged onto the Election 2008 scene, the Obama thugs have demonstrated a chilling viciousness in their quest to destroy her. If innocent babies like Trig are fair game, what the hell will they attempt to do to his mother on live television?

Sarah, I admire your spunk and your courage...Godspeed!

UPDATE: So far, so good...Cuda's doing an awesome job!

UPDATE: Here are the videos. Sarah did great; I am just wondering why this was necessary to begin with. Hard to believe there was a time when this show was actually funny. Of course, I was still in high school, so we're talking a looong time ago! Hey Lefties, whatever will you do when George Bush goes back to Crawford?

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