Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Difference Between Right and Left

There is one major difference between the Left and the Right apart from their diametrically opposed political philosophies. Quite simply that difference is one of class, and I'm not talking about social standing. I am talking about dignity and respect and character. When it comes to class, the Right wins in a landslide.

For example, let's take the election of 1960. JFK won by the narrowest of margins and won Illinois due to the majority he garnered in Cook County. The problem was that many of these Democratic votes out of Cook County that year came from cemeteries. Similar voting discrepancies occurred in West Virgina and several other states. If ever a candidate had the right to call for a recount, it was Richard Nixon. However, Mr. Nixon exhibiting great class announced that he would not make the country endure an electoral recount, and instead suffered defeat nobly.

We all know what happened forty years later and the travesty perpetrated on the country by Democrat Albert Gore. He lost Florida by a very narrow margin, and as such was entitled to a recount under Florida law. He had his recount and lost again. But that wasn't enough for the man who invented the Internet. He then concocted a sham about votes being miscounted and improperly cast and launched the war of the hanging chads. For over one month he put the country through hell and protracted litigation, before the Supreme Court handed him defeat. What a contrast to 1960.

Speaking of 2000 let's not forget the Senate race in Missouri that year. Republican John Ashcroft was pitted against incumbent Democratic Governor Mel Carnahan. Sadly, Governor Carnahan was killed in a plane crash shortly before the election. The Democrats shamelessly simply put the Governor's wife's name on the ballot at the last minute. Even though such a move was illegal and in violation of Missouri election law, John Ashcroft did not object as was his legal right to do so. No doubt ,a showing of great class on his part under the circumstances. Can you imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and the Republicans attempted to substitute a candidate at the last minute.

Well, Mrs. Carnahan ended up defeating Senator Ashcroft in that race. Once again in his concession speech,Ashcroft exhibited great class. Senator Ashcroft eloquently stated, " I hope the election results bring some small measure of solace to Mrs. Carnahan." A few months later, John Ashcroft was nominated to be Attorney General by President Bush. Just how did the Widow Carnahan vote. Why she voted against the nomination and stated that Ashcroft was a divisive figure. What class, Madam!

Two years later in 2002 Liberal Senator Paul Wellstone was killed shortly before the election. In a total display of classless behavior, his funeral was turned into a cheap political rally, at which several Democratic elected representatives spoke. These politicos actually called on Wellstone's Republican friends in the Senate who were up for reelection to stand down. Kind of a perverse, lose one for the Gipper. This mockery of a funeral went a long away to restoring Republican control of Congress that year.

More recently the deaths of Jerry Falwell and Tony Snow were clear examples of the very point I am making. These men weren't even cold, when vicious and vile attacks were launched en masse by the Left wing blogs. To the contrary, I defy you to find one right wing blog reveling in Senator Kennedy's bout with cancer. Don't waste your time. You won't find anything because it doesn't exist. Again it's a matter of class.

If Ann Coulter or the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth are invited speak on a college campus what happens. They are shouted down and Leftist loons scream profanities and throw pies. Ever see right wing groups do that. The answer is no. Again a matter of class. In my own suburban, middle class neighborhood McCain signs are routinely torn down and property vandalized. No such thing happens to Obama signs. Gee, I wonder why.

All of which leads me to a startling conclusion. I actually agree with Senator Obama on one thing. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it will remain a pig. Or as my mama used to say, " all of the money in the world can't buy class". Maybe the Liberals are right, "class warfare" indeed.

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