Saturday, October 18, 2008

Poll Watching

With all of the different polls we constantly hear about, there is really only one significant poll number when you get right down to it. That number for McCain is simply - 4. If the Phillies win 4 games and the World Series, McCain is a shoo - in. The Phillies have won only one other world title in their 126 year history. That happened in 1980. Now here we are in '08 and the Phillies are knocking on the door again. Note the symmetry between the numbers "0" and "8".

The Phillies won their only World Series title on October 21, 1980, and two weeks later on November 4 the magnificent Ronald Reagan was elected President for the first time. The date of the presidential election this year. You guessed it - November 4. Here's hoping and praying that history repeats itself.

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