Friday, October 24, 2008

Poll Fraud

Stand strong McCain - Palin supporters. We are in the home stretch and we now must go into warp drive. Don't believe what you hear in the dinosaur media, especially when they tout the so - called poll "results". I truly believe that these poll numbers that they cite are inaccurate, and that they purposely do that to suppress Republican turnout.

These polls almost always involve an over - sampling of Democrats. As an example, I am a political junkie and have been very involved over the years suporting candidates and working on campaigns. I have even held local elective office. Not once, have I ever been polled. Never. It makes you wonder who does get polled.

The bottom line is this. Whenever you hear the results of a poll, it often inflates the number of the Democratic candidate by three percentage points and depresses the number of the Republican candidate by the same amount. Thus, the way I see it thie election is too close to call.

With so much at stake, now is not the team for defeatism. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. Make calls, talk to your friends, hand out literature and most importantly get out and vote.

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