Saturday, October 25, 2008

The New York "Crimes"

This once great newspaper has been reduced to garbage and is about to be dumped on the scrap heap of history. It was recently announced that its stock has plummeted over 50% and its financial status is that of "junk". Gee, what a surprise especially considering two front page stories it recently ran about Sarah Palin. One had to do with the cost of her wardrobe for the campaign, and the other had to do with the cost of her hairstylist. Very serious issues. Even Hillary Clinton expressed disbelief that this is how a female candidate is covered in 2008. I guess you haven't come a long way baby, especially if you're conservative.

So, so long New York Times. On your way to the bottom of the heap, say hello and good riddance to the Tass News Agency for me.

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Carlos Echevarria said...

NY Times has been running cover for the Bolsheviks since the era of Stalin, promoted Castro in Cuba, supported Chavez in Venezuela, etc.

Should have seen their editorials about Ferraro, where "experience" wasn't requisite for the VP job in 84', a two term congresswoman!!!!