Friday, October 17, 2008

The Dinosaur is Extinct

If there was any doubt that objective journalism is dead in America, those doubts were erased by the newest American hero, Joe the Plumber. The dinosaur media is tripping over themselves trying to dig up dirt on a law abiding American citizen who dared asked "The One", a simple question. Mind you this is a man who was not looking for Obama nor seeking to create any controversy. Obama sought him out when he came to his Toledo,Ohio neighborhood.

In a few short minutes, Joe the Plumber exposed what the dinosaur media has been bending over backwards to hide about Obama. Namely, the man is a socialist. Obama's response to Joe spoke volumes " I just want to spread the wealth around". Hugo Chavez couldn't have said it any better.

As soon as it became apparent that Joe exposed the dinosaur media's chosen candidate, they quickly sprang into action. Immediately, they spread false rumors such as that Joe was delinquent in his taxes and that he did not possess a plumber's license in Ohio. NBC even sent a news van to Joe's lawn and parked it there for several days. You'd think this poor man was a criminal or even a terrorist. Maybe that was Joe's mistake. If he was a terrorist the dinosaur media would praise him or at the very least ignore him. When was the last time you saw an NBC news van or any other news van on Bill Ayer's lawn? Don't hold your breath.

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