Sunday, October 26, 2008

I have cancelled my subscription...

to The Atlantic.

Here is the message I sent to customer service:

I have been a fan since I was introduced to The Atlantic as a college student by an old friend. I started subscribing around 1985, the year I graduated college, and continued my subscription through medical school, training, marriage, and four kids. Perhaps there might have been lapses in renewals in the interim; I'm not sure. Regardless, for almost all of the past 23 years, I have been a subscriber.

Today, I have affirmatively decided that I will no longer subscribe to your once-fine magazine. If you wish to know why, then you need only go to the blog of Andrew Sullivan and view the horrific video "Red, White, and MILF". Sullivan has been trying my patience, but out of deference to my long-standing admiration of the magazine, I decided many times to ignore him and try to pay attention to Megan McArdle, Ross Douthat, and others. With this video, Sullivan has crossed a line which makes my practice of ignoring him no longer tenable. For The Atlantic to have given him this perch from which to spew this vile nonsense is something for which I can no longer give the magazine a pass. And so, with regret, and fond memories of the zenith this magazine reached under the editorship of the late great Michael Kelly, I am bailing out on you at your nadir.

It's a sad day for me, but a far sadder one for American journalism. Please cancel my subscription.

If you want a link to the offending post, find it yourself. Sullivan doesn't merit a link from me.

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Larry said...

"find it yourself. Sullivan doesn't merit a link from me."

Good for you!

I wish bloggers and commenters everywhere would do that.