Friday, October 17, 2008

The Humorless One

John McCain knocked em dead at the Al Smith dinner last night, proving to one and all that he has a fantastic sense of humor. The ability to laugh at oneself and not take yourself too seriously,is a sign of character in this writer's opinion. It is indicative of a true sense of confidence and self - worth. Not surprisingly this trait is shared by many on the Right, but very few on the Left.

This was evident by Barack Obama's sorry attempt at comedy. He is typical of somebody without a sense of humor. It is a character flaw evidenced by arrogance, lack of self confidence, and inner anger and rage. Ironically, the dinosaur media likes to contrast what they believe is the measured and deliberate Obama versus the quick to anger and erratic McCain.

For my money give me a man with a sense of humor who is comfortable in his own skin, and who shows emotion appropriately, even anger. I'll take that over a humorless "cold blooded assassin" type any day.

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