Thursday, October 23, 2008

Boot Murtha, Pennsylvania Rednecks!

Or are you really racists? If this poll is accurate, it looks like Ol' ABSCAM Jack will finally receive his just comeuppance, courtesy of his own stupidity and arrogance. Of course, he also has a formidable opponent in GOP challenger and Lt. Col. (ret) William Russell, a man who has inspired grass-roots conservative activism on behalf of his campaign and the people of western Pennsylvania, who clearly deserve much more honorable representation than what they've been getting all these years.

As I told Doc Paul on the phone earlier today, should Russell win, it would be fabulous to see him give his acceptance speech surrounded by the Haditha Marines that Murtha breathlessly declared guilty on national television, before any of them had even gotten a fair trial. Thus far, seven of the eight have been exonerated, yet no public apology from the porky, treacherous incumbent congressman has been forthcoming. Since I don't expect one from this despicable human being, the next best thing besides a stunning defeat to Russell would be forcing him to watch Russell and the Marines celebrate the upset together.

And as Michelle notes, if this poll is any indication, victory for McCain-Palin in PA is definitely within reach. Let's go, my home state!

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