Saturday, October 18, 2008

Showing Solidarity with Joe the Plumber

Our fantastic Mom had a brilliant idea this morning -- If everyone in the blogosphere who supports Joe the Plumber could make a small donation, we could help him pay off his tax lien as a way of thanking him for getting Obama to finally admit his Socialist plans for America.

Courageous, plain-spoken Joe has done more to shed light on the nightmare in store for all of us if Obama makes it into the White House than anyone in the RNC or McCain-Palin campaign. In return, the criminal media has set out to destroy him. Let's prove to Joe that we're all Americans and we will not stand for this outrage!

Check back here later, as Doc Paul will have more information, and hopefully a donation button via Paypal. Please consider giving to the cause; it's the best way to demonstrate tangible gratitude to a real American hero who might have succeeded in turning the tide of this election.


Ted said...


Daria said...

Hey Ted,

God, is that ever a nightmare scenario! In my wildest dreams I couldn't conjure up anything more spine-tingling!

But I will fight to the bitter end to prevent Obama from ever setting foot in the Oval office, whether it's writing this blog, educating voters (admittedly, that's a tall order), donating to conservative candidates across the board (Congress, Senate, etc.) and volunteering on campaigns.

I'm not quite sure when this country turned into a nation of crybabies that want everything handed to them, but it's truly astonishing. Whatever happened to "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country?"

I will weep for the loss of a robust national defense and an aggressive foreign policy most of all.

Let's keep the faith and keep working to get McCain-Palin elected!

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