Monday, October 20, 2008

Obi Wan Speaks

Jim Geraghty's unnamed elder adviser, known to Jim's readers only as "Obi Wan", weighs in on the state of the race. Read it all, but here's a taste:
Obi Wan is wondering about the timing of the Colin Powell endorsement, too. I had figured that Powell's nod would have been a bigger help to Obama earlier in the race - recall the rumors of Powell speaking at the Democratic Convention. Obi-Wan figures this was one of the best cards Obama had left to play, and he played it in the next-to-last weekend instead of the final weekend. He wonders if internal polling prompted the Obama camp to roll out Powell a bit earlier than planned.

"McCain had a very good week," he told me. "He looked presidential at Al Smith dinner and he had everybody talking Joe the Plumber and taxes the next few days. And the debate performance may have been as big as Kennedy in '60 — that important, because the undecideds were watching."

"We have just seen the greatest economic scare since the Great Depression and everybody is looking at polls as if they are business as usual. That's crazy."

My son spent more than five hours at the local GOP HQ, helping to sell merchandise and answer phones. Look, folks, do your part: volunteer, make calls, send money, and keep your chin up! This isn't over, not by a long shot. Even with the economic crisis (which, thankfully, appears to be in the rear view mirror, at least for the short term - knock on wood), which, for reasons I cannot fathom, has helped Obama, it is still a very close race. McCain is a great closer, those tens of thousands showing up for Palin appearances aren't a mirage, and Obama can't close the deal.

We're gonna win this thing, unless we allow the cynical MSM and the Dems dispirit us. Don't let that happen.

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