Saturday, October 18, 2008

Huckabee, Joe and Steve

I caught Joe the Plumber on Governor Huckabee's program this evening, and was immediately struck by what a genuine, decent and patriotic American he is. Further, when I discovered that this man --- who has has been relentlessly slimed and hounded by our corrupt media for daring to question "The One" -- is also a veteran, I was doubly ticked-off.

Obama isn't fit to shine Joe's shoes (sorry if that sounds racist; I actually wanted to use a much more vulgar expression but thought the better of it), let alone rise to the office of President of the United States of America!

At one point, Huck and Joe were joined by Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal, a frequent guest on the Glenn Beck program (soon to move to FOX!), and an expert on economics. They spoke of the principles of the free market versus socialism, and their impacts on small and large businesses. They distilled these concepts into easily understood language, formerly known as common sense, to inform viewers of Obama's true intentions, and their dire consequences for the economy, jobs and everyday Americans.

For the most part, the live audience was very receptive, applauding at critical junctures and seeming to grasp the realities of the material presented. I stood up and cheered when a Canadian woman excoriated (in a very sweet manner) those Americans who blame George Bush for everything, rightfully pointing out that's he's kept us safe for seven (!) years, liberated a country and gutted the AQ thugs. Yes, he's been a fiscal disappointment to say the least, but as this woman stated, Congress has been controlled by Dems for the past two years. Gee, I wonder if she's available to teach civics classes in the American public school system. She definitely knows a helluva lot more than most citizens I come into contact with!

Tomorrow I'll be tuning in to Hannity's America for the latest outrageous information on Obama largely ignored by the rest of the media. Greta's special is on at the moment, but since I am also busy downloading the musical "soundtrack" for my book, Water Signs, I thought a mental health break was in order. :) I have some book signings and parties coming up, and thought it would be nice to download the songs referenced throughout the story.

Knowing Greta to be a very fair documentarian, I trust it will be an even-handed report. If anyone watches, please comment here about it.

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