Sunday, October 26, 2008

Barbara West, Journalist

Sad that a journalist simply doing her job is so newsworthy:

Biden in full condescension mode ("I don't know who's writing your questions" - surprised he didn't end with "Little Girl"), being asked tough questions by a local news anchor, reveals yet again why this country should not elect him and his socialist running mate.

Prediction: Barbara West is tomorrow night's "Patriot" on O'Reilly.


Daria said...

Doc Paul,

Good to see ya! Leave it to a local reporter to ask the hard-hitting questions her "superiors" in the national media won't do.


Carlos Echevarria said...

She better get ready for the onslaught because at this very moment I have no doubt that the MSM/Nut Roots, etc. are digging up "dirt" on her, in order to attempt to destroy her!

Could imagine if Palin would have taken this tone with Gibson & Couric???

BTW, did I miss something in the Williams interview w/ Palin? People are clamoring for her medical records????LOLLLLLLLLL

These are the people that can't/don't care about even getting college, law school, law firm, birth records, etc. from the Messiah?????

Daria said...


This election is feeling more and more like the Twilight Zone everyday. It's absolutely reprehensible what is happening. Why aren't regular folks disturbed by all of this? It's mind-boggling!