Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion of the Day

Actually, since Doc Paul, Mark and the rest of the family haven't seen me in a while, it's more like preventing them from going into shock when we do meet in person!

Long story short, I decided to try Nutri System after struggling the last few years to lose some weight. Several years prior to that, I'd been very successful on my own (sticking to lean protein, veggies, etc), and had even managed to keep it off until I reached a certain -- ahem -- age: then suddenly everything that used to be effective stopped working for me. Very frustrating!

But when it got to the point where most of the clothes (some still sporting the tags) in my closet didn't fit, it was either buy a new wardrobe or do something different. I started NS on August 15 and have lost 15 pounds so far that I am aware of (one of my secrets of success is to avoid the scale as much as possible). However, I am fairly certain that number is higher because dresses that used to be too tight are now very loose. Even a pair of unforgiving navy sailor pants, which are very form-fitting in my worst problem areas, are looking good on me now.

I only wish I'd thought of doing this before having professional photos taken for my book, but oh well!
Sorry for the political digression, but even a junkie like me needs to give it a rest after a while and refocus on the good things in life. Anyway, about the above photos: the one on the left was taken in June of this year, and the one on the right, just last week at the home of a very dear friend in Boca Raton. She and another close friend are hosting a book celebration for me in a few weeks, so I will post some pictures from that in the near future (I am praying it will also be a McCain-Palin victory party).

Hey, if anybody needs an excellent mover, check out their site! They do national and international moves, so it doesn't matter where you live.

Go Eags, go Phillies and go McCain-Palin!

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