Monday, October 27, 2008

Can we call him a socialist now?

How much more proof are Americans going to need? This man is a dangerous radical who does not belong anywhere near the White House!

I posted this particular video because it includes analysis from a cogent thinker who breaks it all down for those who just can't wrap their minds around what an Obama administration would mean for America (hint: complete disaster).

If you want your hard-earned "wealth" spread around to those who just want to sit on their front porch and collect welfare; if you want a weakened foreign policy that will leave the USA and the free world vulnerable to the evil dictators and terrorists; if you'd like to see our courageous United States Military gutted and ill-equipped to protect us from irreparable harm; and if you think the excessive goverment regulations that got us into this financial mess can only be solved by even more government regulation, by all means vote Obama.

Then kiss America as you've known it goodbye.

Watch the entire thing. It's well worth the time.

UPDATE: For those who prefer to listen to Obama espouse socialism uninterrupted, here's another video. This man has very little regard for our Constitution, as you will note. Incredibly frightening!

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