Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sanford Must Go

Governor Sanford, once a rising star in the Republican party, in my opinion must resign immediately. His atrocious conduct involving an affair with a woman in Argentina qualifies him for the exit door. He hurt his wife and children and for this he must pay a price, and that price is his governorship. The argument that private conduct has no bearing on public service should be dead and buried with the Clinton Administration. As a conservative, I cannot grant him a pass simply because we share the same political philosophy. I supported the resignation of President Clinton and I suppor the resignation of Governor Sanford. No hypocrisy here.

However, hypocrcisy has once again reared its ugly head in the dinosaur media. The dinosaurs are salivating because there is blood in the water and a conservative politician is the victim. Their hypocritical analysis is that such condcut is worse for Republicans who run on family values, and not so bad for Democrats who celebrate deviant behavior. Thus they scream that Sanford must go because he supports morality,while behaving immorally. Therefore in their minds the Governor is a hypocrite.

Our government controlled friends are sadly mistaken however. Sanford is a hypocrite because he took a vow before God and to a lesser extent the state in which he was married, and he violated that vow. The dinosaurs will never understand this and I don't expect them to, but that is the reason the Governor should dig out his golf clubs and quitely slink off to Hilton Head.

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Carlos Echevarria said...

Mark, I believe he should resign because he went AWOL and left the state high and dry.

As per his affair it is tawdry but in the grand scheme of things it is frankly garden variety compared to Spitzer or how about Teddey Kennedy MURDERING a woman???

I am a resident of the state of Florida and at the end this matter should belong to them and their corresponding representatives...

The Lt. Gov, who is NOT a politically ally of his, is on record as saying he should stay on? oddly enough.