Thursday, October 9, 2008

Senator McCain Finally Addresses ACORN!

I was listening to Rush at work with the headset on, and our lovable little fuzzball was giddy with delight over JMac at last calling out the despicable Fannie-Freddie Dems and the fraudulent ACORN thugs who are attempting to steal this election for their annointed one. It happened today at a townhall meeting in Wisconsin. This particular clip focuses exclusively on the Senator's ACORN condemnation (I am trying to find the Fannie-Freddie vid), provoked by an irate, repetitive "ACORN!" refrain offered by an angry participant. The Maverick was only to happy to oblige, as he did with another teed-off voter who expressed his displeasure with our current financial mess and those responsible for it. As Rush noted, this crowd is indicative of every American who is absolutely fed up with the despicable Democrats and their far-left policies. If McCain can keep this up, he will win in November. Bring your A-game to the next debate, JMac!

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