Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Question 11

Terry Shirey (or something like that): If Israel attacks Iran, would you support Israel or wait for the UN Security Council to give approval?

JM: I wouldn't wait on the UN Security Council. Iran is a threat not just to Israel but to the entire ME (if Iran gets nukes, then the rest of the ME would have access to them). Back to zinging BO on meeting with A-jad without precondition. League of Democracies idea - work as allies to get them to abandon nuclear ambitions. We can never allow a second Holocaust.

BO: We cannot allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon. Game-changer in the region. Threatens Israel, increased likelihood of nukes getting into terrorist hands. Can't give veto power to UN. Use all tools at our disposal to prevent it. Tighten sanctions, reduce energy (pivoted to make this make sense - not reduce OUR energy consumption, but limit Iran's ability to import energy, as they currently do). We didn't talk to North Korea or Iran and look what has happened.

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