Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Question 10

Internet - Something about Russia

JM: We're not going to have another cold war with Russia, but Russia isn't acting right. K-G-B looking into Putin's eyes. He has Ukraine in his sights. We have to show moral support for Georgia and Ukraine. Advocates NATO membership. Bring international pressure to bear (G8, etc). Change their behavior- get them to understand that this is not acceptable behavior. With allies, let them know that we won't tolerate their behavior.

BO: Resurgence of Russia is a major issue (another one! Plus, another "I agree with Senator McCain"! - 5, I think). Send money and resources to allies like Ukraine and Georgia. "See around corners" - I called for replacement of Russian peacekeepers two years ago. 21st century challenges (FLUFF! FLUFF! FLUFF!), anticipate, etc. Energy - Russia - etc.

TB: Yes or no - Is Russia an Evil Empire (a la USSR in time of Reagan)?

BO: Hedges - they have engaged in evil behavior.

JM: Maybe - if I say yes, I would be accused of reigniting Cold War, if I say no, then I am excusing their bad behavior.

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