Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Question 9

Katie (?surname): Pakistani sovereignty versus tracking down the terrorists

BO: We got distracted in Iraq, allowed Bin Laden to set up base camps in Pakistan, where they attack our troops in Afghanistan. Need to end war in Iraq and send troops to Afghanistan. Can't coddle a dictator who then makes peace treaties with Taliban. We will crush alQaeda.

JM: My hero is Teddy Roosevelt - talk softly and carry a big stick. BO likes to talk loudly - remarkable! (Nice put-down) If you announce your attention to attack in another country, you lose support of the people in that country. Our mistake was leaving Afghanistan alone after driving the Russians out. Same strategy in Iraq should be used in Afghanistan. Get people to work with us to turn against the Taliban and al-Qaeda. (Angela: "Who sounds like the war monger?")

BO: Starts dickering with TB about followups. JM says if that's the way, he wants followups too. Says that he didn't say we should invade Pakistan. Says JM sings "Bomb Iran" and wants to annihilate North Korea (sounds good to me!).

JM: Not true. I know what it's like to send Americans into harm's way. I was joking with an old veteran friend when I did the "Bomb Iran" thing. I am not going to telegraph my punches, which is what BO did. I will act responsibly. We have fundamental disagreements about how to lead.

TB: Brit leader says we can't succeed there. We need an acceptable dictator. How do you reorganize Afghanistan strategy?

BO: Make Iraqi gov't responsible, draw down troops in Iraq, send troops to Afghanistan per McKiernan's desires. I told Karzai that he has to do better by his people and it's not responsive right now.

JM: Petraeus has taken over the command and will set the tone for tactics and strategy. We have to double the size of the Afghan army, we have to use the same strategy that worked in Iraq, which he still won't admit worked in Iraq. Once you secure areas and allow people to have normal lives, things will improve. Petraeus will do in Afghanistan what he did in Iraq.

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