Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vets for Freedom Anti-Obama Ad, "Skipped"

Hopefully, my friends on Facebook who are voting for Obama because of the Washington Post article entitled, "Fallen," will take a hard look at this ad. Their rationale for choosing Obama on November 4 is their (justifiable) sadness and anger at the deaths of American soldiers. However, their outrage would be better directed to the radical Islamists who pose a clear threat to the free world. And I simply cannot comprehend how voting for a man who doesn't give a damn about our Troops serves our men and women in uniform. Further, we are blessed to have a volunteer Military, which means that our bravest fully understand and acknowledge the high risks involved in defending the USA before they enlist. Thank God this country has men and women of such high caliber, who not only understand that "freedom isn't free" but are willing to sacrifice their lives for their fellow countrymen. If only the civilian population would get that!

Finally, I wonder how many of those who purport to be so upset over the deaths and injuries of our soldiers actually put their money where their mouths are in terms of monetary donations to charities like Soldiers Angels, or visits to hospitals housing recuperating veterans. My guess would be that it's a very low number. These same folks might also want to consider the fact that the majority of active-duty and Military veterans are voting McCain-Palin in November, and that they want to finish the job. An Obama win ensures that every death was in vain.

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Straight Talk on McCain said...

As a veteran myself, I find this to be a pretty misleading ad and offensive to anybody who is concerned about the truth. McCain has missed nearly 65% of the votes, the most in the Senate. While Obama has voted once against a troop funding bill, it was after a bill he had already voted for and Bush vetoed. By the way McCain publicly called for Bush to veto that bill, and applauded him doing so. So while he calls for the bill to fail, he doesn’t bother to show up for the vote so he can be on record as being against the bill. As for the hearings, Obama attended one out of three Senate Foreign Relations Committee meetings on Afghanistan. Curiously, McCain missed all seven of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Afghanistan.