Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sarah, The Anti -Elitist

The hate mongering against Governor Palin continues in the dinosaur media while elitist Republicans add to the chorus, playing the role of useful idiots for the Left. The bottom line is that the deranged Left hates Sarah because she is pro -life and is a regular person. You know the kind like me who live in "fly over" country, who the liberals despise. These hatemongers would prefer to be in the company of Communists and Islamo-terrorists, rather than have to mingle with Conservatives.

It was so refreshing to hear Sarah on the Hugh Hewitt show. It is amazing that she comes across as a regular American, you know the kind the Founding Fathers ( oops, racist slave owners) intended to hold office in this country. In fact, the Founding Fathers took great pains in drafting the constitution to prevent a ruling class of elitists from taking over. Boy, they must be turning over in their graves.

There was one exchange in particular on the Hugh Hewitt Show that really hit home with the host. He asked the Governor how the economic crisis impacted the Palin family, and she replied that her husband lost $20,000 in his 401k. She emphasized that her family was struggling, just like families all over America. Hugh was astounded that somebody running for high office could be so down to earth and in touch with regular folks. He even asked the rhetorical question, "when was the last time you heard a politician say they lost $20,000 in their 401k." It was an answer that speaks volumes.

Unlike Bill Clinton, Sarah truly feels our pain because she is one of us. She is the antithesis of the limousine liberal with maids and butlers, attending $30,000 a plate Hollywood dinners. She knows what it is to raise a family, work hard, and earn a living. Nor did she get to the top by marrying or sleeping with the right the man, like the junior senator from New York.

This is her great sin, along with her pro-life stance. She is the greatest threat to liberalism since Ronald Reagan. As with President Reagan, elitist liberals will learn again the hard way that regular folks can have extraordinary abilities. Such a notion is astounding to them. Almost as astounding as having the audacity to fail to abort a Downs Syndrome baby. You see, because they are elitists liberals believe that they are better and more talented than everyone else, which is why only they must govern the country. We the people are too stupid in their eyes. They fancy themselves gods and liberalism is their sacred religion.

I say let the Left continue its assault on Sarah, it is evidence of their fear of her. They know they are helpless to stop her. But they are also smart enough to know that there is something that can stop her, the McCain campaign. That is why Liberals wage this war, to pressure the McCain campaign to smother her. Unfortunately, I must admit that this strategy has been working the last few weeks. It is now time for the McCain camp to wake up. The campaign should have learned by now that the dinosaur media is not their friend.

I hope the McCain campaign is astute enough to let Sarah be Sarah. What better way to burn the media, than to let Sarah field dress Joe Biden tomorrow night. It's time to take the gloves off NOW! No less than the future of the free world depends on it.

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