Saturday, September 27, 2008

Elitist Conservatives

This group of Big Government elitist Washington conservatives is really aggravating me. They hijacked the Bush Administration, and foisted this big government philosophy on the President. Now, don't get me wrong. The President is a good and decent man, and he has done many good things on the foreign policy front. However, his domestic spending agenda has been a disaster. This is the dirty little secret behind the President's low polling ratings, which are a potential albatross hanging around McCain's neck.

The President's low standing in the polls is not because of liberals, they were never with him anyway. It is because common sense conservatives deserted the President and with good reason. They were taken for granted by the Administration and big spending congressional Republican. It was these Washington fat cats which handed the Democrats the election in 2006.

Now this group which fancy themselves as part of "the erudite among us", attack Sarah Palin because she is not of the beltway. These so-called conservatives have been hanging out with liberals too long. All their worried about is not being invited to the right Washington cocktail parties.

Ronald Reagan experienced the same types of attacks from these people as Sarah Palin is experiencing today. I don't forget 1976, because I was with Reagan then and I heard it all. They said he's nothing but a war monger, a "B" actor, and that nobody to the right of Gerald Ford could ever be elected. They mocked his intellect and his lack of Washington credentials. How history has proven these elitists and their liberal cousins wrong.

Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air and the greatest conservative leader since President Reagan. Let the elitists crow in defeat. We in "fly over country" knwo a great leader when we see one. What we have on our hands is the next Margaret Thatcher. Memo to the McCain campaign. Let Sarah be Sarah! If you do, these elitists will be crying in their beer once again on another November 4. Just like they did in 1980.

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