Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eight Questions for the Blogosphere

1) Obama claimed in his answer to the first question that he had been warning about what he called the "subprime mess" for years. Is this true? I assume that it's not, as last night's debate was the first time I can recall him making such a claim. Does anyone know the truth about this claim?

2) Is the effective tax rate for American businesses significantly lower than the nominal rate? If so, is it anywhere near the rate in Ireland, as he implied?

3) Obama claims that FDR authorized the federal government to buy up homes during the depression (Great Depression only after the New Deal, but I digress) and then sold them at a profit. Is this true?

4) Is there any objective evidence that Al Qaeda is a stronger organization now than before the War on Terror was launched?

5) Obama claims that he opposed designating the Irani Republican Guard a terrorist organization because, he implied, it was part of a bill designed to expand the operations in Iraq (I think that was what he was implying). Is there contemporaneous evidence that his opposition was based on a consideration other than genuine opposition to such a designation in regard to the IRG?

6) Does Obama really believe that we didn't talk enough with North Korea? How many different sets of talks took place, and how effective were they?

7) Did Obama raise concerns about Russian peacekeepers in Georgia long before the attack, and suggest their replacement with a multi-national force?

8) Does he really believe that this country is not as desirable a place to be as it was when his father came here, what, 50 years ago? If so, illegal immigration wouldn't be an issue, right?

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