Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hugh Hewitt Interviews Sarah

Excerpting just a portion here from Townhall:

HH: Governor, let’s turn to a couple of issues that the MSM’s not going to pick up. You’re pro-life, and how much of the virulent opposition to you on the left do you attribute to your pro-life position, and maybe even to the birth of, your decision, your and Todd’s decision to have Trig?

SP: Yeah, you know, I think that that’s been probably the most hurtful and nonsensical slap that we’ve been taking is our position that we have taken, pro-life, me personally, and saying that you know, even though I knew that 13 weeks along that Trig would be born with Down Syndrome, and I said you know, he’s still going to be a most precious ingredient in this sometimes messed-up world that we live in. I know that my son is going to provide a lot of hope and a lot of promise in this world, and I’m so thankful of course that I’ve had the opportunity to give him life and to bring him into this world. But I think yeah truly, that that’s been a hurtful slap that we have taken, because people just don’t understand. Ironic too, Hugh, that some would consider my position on life and trying to usher in a culture of life, respecting the sanctity of life in America, that that is seen as an extreme position when to me, an extreme position is one that Barack Obama took when he was in the Illinois State Senate, not even supporting a measure that would ban partial birth abortion, not even supporting a measure that would during, after a botched abortion and that baby’s born alive, allowing medical care to cease and allowing that baby to die. That to me is extreme. That’s so far, far left it’s certainly out of the mainstream of America. To me, that is the extreme position, not my position of just wanting that culture of life to be respected, and not wanting government to sanction the idea of ending life.

HH: Do you think the mainstream media and the left understands your religious faith, Governor Palin?

SP: I think that there’s a lot of mocking of my personal faith, and my personal faith is very, very simple. I don’t belong to any church. I do have a strong belief in God, and I believe that I’m a heck of a lot better off putting my life in God’s hands, and saying hey, you know, guide me. What else do we have but guidance that we would seek from a Creator? That’s about as simple as it gets with my faith, and I think that there is a lot of mocking of that. And you know, so bet it, though I do have respect for those who have differing views than I do on faith, on religion. I’m not going to mock them, and I would hope that they would kind of I guess give me the same courtesy through this of not mocking a person’s faith, but maybe perhaps even trying to understand a little bit of it.

Bold emphasis mine. Since the MSM won't bother giving her an opportunity to address these issues, I am even more thankful for alternative media. How repulsive has our culture become that a female politician is forced to justify her decision to give birth to her handicapped child, rather than abort him? If these so-called feminists were truly about "choice" they'd have nothing but respect for Sarah Palin and her husband.

Here's a woman who's maintained a long-term marriage and family, run a successful business, served on a city council, and gone on to run a city and an oil-producing state. Everything she's achieved politically she's accomplished on her own, without the coattails of a well-connected spouse or parents. She didn't need a "village" to raise her children -- just a supportive network of relatives. Upon attaining the Governor's office, she sold the jet, fired the chef and promptly put the state's checkbook on the Internet so Alaskans could easily hold their leaders accountable.

And while she holds her faith dear, Sarah Palin has never governed from a pulpit, though her enemies are hell-bent on proving otherwise (good luck with that, you idiots; when you're done chasing wild geese, there's a domestic terrorist and a rabid Reverend in Chicago who are worthy of investigation).

Lastly, in spite of the nastiest, most disgraceful assault I've ever witnessed on any politician (and after eight years of relentless Bush-bashing, that's quite an observation), Sarah still manages to maintain her composure, dignity and sense of humor. She's the classiest thing I've seen on the political stage in years. And if the McCain camp lets her be herself when she dukes it out with Joe Biden, I have no doubt she will do us all proud. Let Sarah be Sarah!

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