Friday, September 26, 2008

Question 6

Reading of threat from Iran

McCain - Existential threat to Israel, threat to region. We cannot allow a second holocaust. Form a League of Democracies. Russians are preventing the UN Security Council from making any progress. LOD can impose sanctions that the UN won't. Essentially calling for economic warfare on Iran. Iranians are putting the most lethal IEDs into Iraq, sending killers into Iraq, calls out Obama for voting against designating Republican Guard as a terrorist organization.

Obama - Claims that he has always regarded Republican Guard as terrorists but rejected specific bill because it expanded the war in Iraq (?) Tough diplomacy with Iran needed.

McCain - Hits on the "without precondition" meetings with Ahmadinejad, Raul Castro, Chavez. Don't legitimize these losers by offering meetings. Reagan example with USSR, Nixon with China - precondition would be not to legitimize them.

Obama - Ahmeadinejad is not the most powerful person in Iran. Kissinger thinks that we should have talks without preconditions and he is an adviser to you. Redefines preparation in a way that makes them seem a whole lot like preconditions. In NorKo, we didn't talk and they progressed on nuclear weapons capacity.

McCain - Kissinger did not say he would approve face-to-face meetings of president of US and of Iran. Schooling Obama again: what he doesn't understand is that you don't sit down with, and legitimize, a guy who calls Israel a stinking corpse and wants to wipe it off the face of the earth. NorKo, most brutal regime on the face of the earth, don't know status of "dear leader's" health - we need to go back to Reagan's trust but verify.

Obama - tries to redefine his "no preconditions" statements

McCain - "So he's gonna say I want to wipe Israel off the map and you're going to say I disagree. Oh, please!" Obama is parsing words.

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