Friday, September 26, 2008

Question 7


Obama - supports preparation for NATO membership of Georgia, etc. Missed some it because of a call from Daria (!). But, yes, I agree, Obambi is out of his depth and looks like a piker.

McCain - Naivete in Obama's initial call for restraint on both sides when Russia invaded. Looked in Putin's eye and saw K, G, and B. Georgian action has everything to do with energy. Personalizes his relationship with Georgia's president. Recounts scenes from his own visits to Tblisi. Much more detailed response showing a great grasp of the issues. Ukraine is our friend and ally.

Obama - McCain and I agree for the most part... disagree with McCain's characterization of his response, then he lies about calling out Russia immediately. Don't argue facts, they can be checked later, and this one will be checked. Claims to have warned administration that there were Russian peacekeepers in Georgia and they should be replaced - really? Check the record on that claim. On energy: lies about us having only 3% of the world's energy supply. Hope McCain nails him on this.

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