Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain - Palin Rally in Media PA

What a thrill to attend this event! The atmosphere was electric as the Borough of Media was beseiged by over ten thousand people to see the McCain - Palin team. As impressive as they are on TV, they are that much more impressive in person.
Despite a few protesters with thier vile signs and equally repugnant behavior, it was a tremendous event. It was orderly and well organized.

It was exciting to feel the patriotism in the air and to see the American flags flying. The program was fantastic. The crowd was treated to a number of excellent speakers beginning with the invocation by the clergy, including St. Mary Magdalen's own Fr. Ralph Chieffo. A male singer with a superb voice sang the national anthem and then led the crowd in a stirring rendition of "God Bless the USA". It was thrilling to hear thousands of patriotic Americans sing in unison.

The real highlight though was the stirring performance of the Main Street Miracles, a Downs Syndrome singing group whose motto is " we are people of ability and not disability." The Miracles sang several songs including, Lean on Me. It gave me chills.

I attended the event with my wife and kids, my sister, my mother,and my brother, Ralph who has Downs Syndrome. He suffers from nothing Senator Obama and contrary to what you think he has been an overwhelming blessing to all of us.

The crowd roared when the Straight Talk Expresss finally rolled in. Senator Liebernman spoke eloquently and then both Governor Palin and Senator McCain blew the roof off. While they were on the stage, Senator McCain was presented with a POW/MIA motorcycle, which roared up onto the stage driven by a Viet Nam veteran.

After the speeches the best was yet come. Both Senator McCain and Governor Palin exited right past where we were sitting and I was able to get close up pictures with my cell phone. The greatest moment occurred when Ralph caught Sarah's eye. She looked him in the eye and with a big smile asked him, "what's your name? He was beaming as he answered, "Ralph", to which a smiling Sarah replied. "nice to meet you Ralph", as she shook his hand.It was one of those moments in life that I will cherish forever.

To cap it off we attended a post - rally party at my friend's law office across the street. There was plenty to eat and drink and we made new friends including a woman and her daughter who flew in from California for the event.

There has never been a more important election in our history. We will win Pennsylvania and win a great victory on November 4. Viva McCain - Palin!

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