Friday, September 26, 2008

Question 2

McCain - Lambastes spending, earmarks, etc. Finally! He rips Obama for nearly a billion dollars in earmark requests, laying it out as a fundamental difference between the two.

Obama - Claims to have suspended earmark requests. Going on about his supposed tax cuts (really just redistribution). Earmarks are only $18 billion, McCain wants to cut taxes by $300 billion, helping only rich people.

McCain - Suspended after he started running for President, not out of principle. Notes that earmarks have tripled. Calls Obama on increased spending requests.

Obama - Claims that McCain is making up the numbers. Appeals to the middle class, says we can't afford 4 more years of the last 8.

McCain - Not taking it lying down. Explains why he wants to cut business taxes. Not backing down on significance of earmarks. Talking about dividend to families, tax (health) credits, to benefit the middle class.

Obama - Claims that the effective rate for businesses is low because of loopholes. Slams McCain's health insurance proposal.

McCain - Walking the walk versus talking the talk. I voted against a bill festooned with add-ons and Obama voted for it.

Aside: Who the heck is Obama looking at? And isn't this a foreign policy debate?

Obama - Claims that McCain is not being truthful. McCain laughing at Obama's counter-claim.

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