Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Defending Palin from Conservative Critics

Among the more distasteful reactions to Governor Palin's run for the Vice-Presidency has been that of some of the stuffed shirts of the GOP. I have attributed the negative response from some of these folks as a "not one of us" alien-ness to Palin that they just don't like (essentially, she's a hick and we're the literati).

However, Rod Dreher never struck me as a Frum or Brooks type; he seems much more down to earth. He even crafted a name for people like himself, playing on the "ordinary Joe" vibe, crunching on granola and wearing Birkenstock's, but still adherents to conservative politics: Crunchy Cons.

It came as a surprise to me, then, that he had abandoned support of SHP. I think his reasons are kind of thin, and John Mark Reynolds takes him to task:

Let’s face it: the Washington Republican brand is dead. John McCain had the wisdom (as a good leader) to hire a bright, rising executive (with proven success as as governor). Joe Biden may know the players and the teams better to start, but isn’t he more of the same stuff we have been getting? If he were a lead editor on a paper, then wouldn’t it be a paper that nobody is reading?

It may be that hiring the bright and rising young sport-reporter from the sticks will not work out for John McCain, editor of the Republican paper, but it was a sensible call. There is no reason (after a few short weeks) to call it a failure. We know Palin can work a crowd and give a great speech. We know she is not up to speed on interviews (in this weird environment). We do know she was an effective governor, so the evidence still suggests that she can do the job.

Given the mess in Washington, I cannot imagine she is a bigger risk than more of the same!

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