Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ed Snider

This man proved once again today that he is not only one of the great owners in sports, but also a great American patriot. He not only cares for former players, many of whom he has helped through difficult times in retirement, he actually appreciates and cares for the fans. First as owner of the Flyers and now the Sixers as well, he understands that it is the fans who support these teams and he has always treated them as part of the family. He never threatened to move his teams looking for more money somewhere else, and he also never asked for government money when he built not one, but two arenas.

Yesterday, Mr. Ed did something that solidified my already extremely positive view of the man. He hosted Sarah Palin at a campaign event at the Irish Pub in Center City. This NHL Hall of Famer knows a hockey mom when he sees one. Sarah showed up wearing a Phillies jacket and the crowd went wild. They expected 500 people and over 2000 showed up. One of the attendees was quoted in the paper as saying, " Hey Sarah we need you to field dress a donkey." After the event, Sarah went back to her hotel room and watched the debate. That's two trips to the Philly area in five days. I hope there are many more before the campaign is over.

Let's hope that we see Ed and Sarah together again soon. I think the Inaugural Ball on January 20 would be the perfect occasion.

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