Friday, September 19, 2008

Ol' Joe Is At It Again

Just when you think Ol' Joe Biden can't put his foot any further in his mouth he strikes again. Last week at a rally he asked a local politician, who he was told was in attendance, to stand up. Oops! The gentleman was handicapped and in a wheelchair. Silver - tongued Joe then suggested that the crowd instead, stand up for this man. Of course, instead of pointing out this gaffe, the dinosaur media praised Ol' Joe for thinking on his feet. What do you think would have happened if a Republican did such a thing. He would have been tortured, that's what. Remember Dan Quayle. The drive-bys would have said that Republicans are insensitive to the handicapped and that if they would only support stem cell research this man would soon be walking.

Not be outdone, Ol' Joe was at it again this week. This time he said, it was patriotic to pay high taxes. In what country, Russia? These limousine, or in Joe's case, Amtrak liberals just don't get it. Joe ol' boy, you best study your history. I have three words for you - Boston Tea Party.

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